December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I had great plans this week of posting about Ken's birthday and our trip to the trains.  I had posts planned in my head about our holiday crafting and gingerbread houses and .....  they never happened. 

But yesterday afternoon.  It hit me.  Christmas Peace.  I was loading the kids up to run an errand and pick up pizza, the kitchen was still a mess from the day's preparations, Ken had to drive 2 hours away unexpectedly to fix something for work, and it all didn't matter.  I was just at peace.  The peace I've been wanting all of Advent.  I was full of joy.  And I still am!

It was a gift!  Truly a gift from God.  And here we are, Christmas Eve and the important thing is that I will be celebrating God's gift of His Son, with all my little gifts from God and that is enough.  None of the baking, preparing, cleaning, stressing...matters.

May the peace of Christ be with you all!  Glory to God in the highest! Merry Christmas!

And if I don't post between now and then--Happy New Year too! :)

December 16, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--Advent Edition.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outside my window...snow, snow and more glorious snow!  We've had more snow this December than I can remember.  This is our third snowstorm in two weeks.  I'm hoping we'll have a white Christmas!  I think right now we have about 3 or 4 inches in addition to what was left on the ground.  That is a lot of snow for 'round here!

I am thinking...
  • about Christmas preparations and menu plans and all that.  I seriously need to put together teacher gifts (piano, religious ed) and angel tree gifts and make sure I have it all for this weekend.
  • about babies.  I'm 15 weeks today and I feel ginormous all of a sudden.  Good though, still tired but no more nausea!  Yay! 
  • about pets and what to do with them now that the weather is cold.  They're driving me crazy.
  • about our sponsored Compassion child, Kevonsky.  I always worry for him when I hear about all the stuff going on in Haiti, the Cholera outbreak being the most recent.
I am thankful for...a warm house and food to eat.  Especially when you think about all those who are suffering and who have so little.

From the learning rooms...we're on break until after the holidays.  We're crafting and baking and sledding instead.
From the kitchen...lots of goodies.  Making tins of cookies for all the neighbors and some of Ken's co-workers.  I have been trying to make and bake and freeze.  I've never done the cookie freezing thing so I hope it turns out okay!

I am wearing...sweats, slipper socks, and a thermal shirt.  Cozy clothes for a cold day. 

I am creating...a baby.  And Godparent gifts and still working on a gift for my new little nephew due in February.  Not a big deal, it is just taking me a long time!

I am going...nowhere today!  I don't think my van would get out of the drive if I tried.

I am reading...Light from Heaven by Jan Karon (Mitford series).  I've read it before, but I just came across it again. 

I am hoping...for good health!  Liz and Nick have been battling little colds for awhile now.  I'm hoping they resolve and I'm not driving to the pediatrician for an ear infection next week.

I am talking while eating lunch.

Around the house...finishing the to-do list.  Ken's birthday is this weekend so that will be a whole day of fun and I need to have the house pretty much cleaned up by then.  I'd like Ken to install the remaining shelves in the hall closet so I can get the sheets up off the floor.  There is nothing more ridiculous than scrounging through a pile o' sheets when someone needs one!

One of my favorite cocoa and rosy cheeks.

A few plans for the rest of the week...birthday celebrating, baking, passing out cookie tins, piano lessons, final shopping.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

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Purple is for preparation.

In Catechesis of the Good Shephard, they talk about the liturgical colors with little reminders on the seasons--Green is for Growing, Purple is for Preparation, White is for Celebration....  and here we are in Purple and I'm not feeling very Prepared.  Are you?

I realized this week that in large part, I am feeling unable to focus because I feel like my house is so out of order.  It is hard to decorate when everything needs a complete wipe-down.  10 weeks of nausea have left me way behind and vastly underprepared for this season!  I want to be preparing my heart, not my home.  I'm missing the moments of years past when all we focused on were traditions--novenas and the advent wreath and Jesse tree.  This year, those things aren't as prominent as I'd like.  And it shows even with the kids, they aren't as into it as usual--and it is all because I'm not peaceful at heart.

I'm realizing that I need to let some of it go.  I'm allowing my focus to be distracted by things that I necessarily can't change much.  My house is out of order, yes.  Can I afford to go out and buy the shelving or the furniture to change that? No.  Will these things come in time? Yes.  Should I allow my frustration to take away the true focus here?  No.

That being said, I do think it is a very real thing as the woman of the household to desire to prepare her house for company.  Being open and welcoming to company is also to be open and welcoming to Christ.  To be able to show those around you that love of Christ firsthand.
So, we're taking this week to get caught up.  We made great progress on Saturday--we actually got almost the whole house clean.  Except for mopping the floors, which can be a whole day undertaking in and of itself.  I finally have an empty laundry room.  Except for what is in the dryer right now, the baskets are empty and everything is folded and put away.  I need to wrap up baking so that I can do a thorough clean-up of the kitchen.  I'm not looking for total perfection.  I just want to be ready.  And, we're focusing hard on our devotions this week and next.  Making the most of the time that is left.  I want to be ready to welcome family into my home for the Christmas season.  I want to be ready to welcome Christ.  Because He deserves a place of honor in my home and most especially, in my heart.

And, today, today, I will finally get the Nativity where I'd like it to end up.  Just in time.  I'm hoping to be thoroughly purple.

December 15, 2010

Christmas red?

Christmas red would be an appropriate color name for Nick's permanent cast.  It is waterproof, so for the first time in a week he was able to get a bath. Yay!  He doesn't much like it.  He keeps saying "off" and gets mad when you tell him that it can't come off.  Poor little guy!  But most of the time, he carries on as normal and is learning to use his left hand really well!  The docs tell us the cast comes off in three weeks, rain or shine!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

December 14, 2010

Final Christmas card!

Nativity Blessing Religious Christmas Card
Make unique Christmas cards with Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

December 10, 2010

Kitchen Window Makeover.

Since moving in here in April, I've felt like my kitchen has nooooo flow.  To have doubled, almost tripled, my kitchen size I can't figure out why it feels like such a disaster!  I can't keep up with it.  I keep waiting for the kitchen fairy of inspiration to strike--but no luck yet.  So, maybe my little window makeover inspired by LMLD will help get it started.  Because I would really like my kitchen to be a peaceful place in time for Christmas!

My before photo.  The windowsill tends to be a collection place for random toys and small saints.  To the left is my crockpot (it is often there) and the pile-up for dirty dishes, and in this case--an empty chip bag!  To the right sits my pile of clean dishes.  I laughed at Leila's post because I have never ever had a dish rack.  And in fact, I don't use kitchen towels--I use old placemats!  I've always felt guilty about that... but now I don't feel so bad!  And also to the left is the pile-up of baking stuff from yesterday.

Upper left cabinets hold glassware, above the dishwasher.  The upper right cabinets hold plates and bowls.  I would really prefer for it to be reversed but the size of the cabinets are better suited this way.

My after photo.  I don't have much room for pretty stuff on my windowsill but a clean window and a little garland goes a long way towards a peaceful view!

Now... to tackle the kitchen island.  If I could surround it with barbed wire, I might be able to keep it clean.....  everyone seems to deposit all sorts of miscellany there!

December 9, 2010

Roller Coaster week.

Well, the week started off with a bang.  In a good way.  We got our christmas tree at our local cut-your-own farm.  Always a good time!  It amazes me that I have a young man old enough to drag that tree himself!
Nick really loves being in the backpack carrier.  He didn't much mind the cold!

We got our first snow of the season on Saturday.  And our first snow angels!  Liz loves making snow angels (and sand angels and dirt angels....).

And first attempts on our newly-mowed sled run.  It was great (I tried it so I know!).
Lots of fun and hot chocolate at the Christmas parade (and candy and cookies and a live nativity too!).

 And all the joy and excitement that comes with St. Nicholas day.  The stockings have already been emptied here.  Had to hang up the "extra" stocking for the new baby!
 And then, the downhill part.  Mr. Nick broke his wrist Tuesday afternoon.  He fell off a chair at this very island while we were trying to finish a project.  How I didn't see him, I don't know!  Bad Mama!  Here he is trying to make the best of it in his temporary cast while making cookies.  Not only does he also have a cold, the poor boy can't get comfortable to sleep at night.  Which means that either Ken or I are up with him.  A lot.  Which has turned my sweet, easy-going toddler into a fussy, uncomfortable, has-a-hard-time drinking his juice toddler.
So, we're all trying to console ourselves with lots of cookie-making!  And movie-watching.

I'm hoping that Nick heals quickly and we can start climbing uphill again!  In baby news, I am 14 weeks today and that is a very very good thing.  Still very tired, but not feeling so ill!

Say a prayer for Nick, will you?  It is miserable to see a little one uncomfortable!

December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Happy feast day to you all!  We will be enjoying some time over here celebrating St. Nicholas' day with our own little Nick.  We'll be having some hot chocolate, making some peppermint bark, watching the Veggietales St. Nicholas movie, some crafts for godparents maybe.....and reading some books on St. Nick... if I can find them (sigh)!

Enjoy your day!

November 30, 2010

Advent Traditions.

Advent 2009, I love the glow on their little faces!

Just a quick little note about some Advent traditions we do around here.  First and foremost, is the Advent wreath.  Our "wreath" is a little untraditional--I got tired of candles falling in the middle of prayers (and that the wreath didn't fit in the middle of the table with plates) so Ken drilled me four holes in a cherry board and viola!  I love it.  Just another reminder that it is okay to make traditions work for your family.  Go here for prayers if you need help getting started.

Usually we combine our Jesse Tree readings with our Advent wreath prayers.  You can go here and print out ornaments to color with readings.  We were very blessed to be able to do a Jesse Tree ornament swap with our homeschool support group two years ago and thus, the wide variety of homemade ornaments. 

Some novenas we enjoy:
  • Immaculate Conception Novena--starting today and ending on the 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary (also a Holy Day of Obligation).  You can see Elizabeth Foss's novena and candle craft here.
  • Novena to Our Lady of Guadelupe--since the feast day is traditionally the 12th (a Sunday this year), my calendar says it can be observed on either the 11th or the 13th (also the feast of St. Lucy).  You can also go here to check out the Basilica and watch a video of the inside.  Very cool.
  • Holy Family Novena--this year the feast day is on December 26th (usually the 28th), so start on the 18th.
Of course, there are lots more out there (like the St. Andrew novena) but those are the three we usually focus on.

And don't forget to hang your stockings for St. Nicholas day on December 6th!

Along with all of these feast days and novenas, we also celebrate Ken's birthday during Advent (I also have an aunt and two sister-in-law birthdays during this time!).  For Ken's birthday, we always go see the train display downtown and sometimes walk around Fountain Square and watch the ice skaters.  Then we come back for dinner, cake and presents!

Patrick and Nathan, loving the trains in 2004.

November 29, 2010

I am so excited...

Our photo from last year.  Taken by my tripod.  Um, yes, those are sheers hung over our french doors.  Lovely, I know.  Hoping for better this year! :)

Well, I am so excited about many many things, especially everything that I love and enjoy about the Advent season and preparing for Christmas.  One thing I am particulary excited about is .... wait for it..... christmas cards.

Yep.  That's what I said.  Christmas cards.  I love sending them and receiving them and especially I love the photo cards because I love, love seeing how everybody's kids have grown (especially old friends we don't get to see but every few years) and showing off how my kids have grown as well.

So, when Sarah mentioned that bloggers had an opportunity to review Shutterfly's photo card line--I was pretty excited about that as well! 

And the best part?  This year, my husbands family is having their pictures professionally taken (all 33 of us!) so that means that I won't be trying to snap a picture of the kids by the tree on Christmas Eve eve!  I will actually have a beautiful picture to add to one of these beautiful cards.

Now, my requirements for Christmas cards are that they have some religious aspect to them.  That's just me.  I feel that it is a small way of reflecting the season and what we believe to those we know and love, far and wide.

My first choice for some reason is this beautiful black and white version.  It just struck me as classy.

Which, for our family photo, we'll all be dressed in blacks, whites, greys and reds.  Could be great on this card!

This is would be my second choice:

And, I do have to say that there are soo many beautiful choices, religious and just festive for cards (isn't this one pretty?) or new year's cards (you know-- if you are the ultimate procrastinator.  Or maybe you just prefer to wait until Epiphany!)---you'll just have to get on and check them out for yourself!

In past years, I have used Shutterfly for photo books and photo calendars (always a hit with grandmas!) and the quality and service have been awesome.  So, I can only expect the same of their photo cards.

Shutterfly has a great selection on their website of all sorts of cards (lots and lots of beautiful ones) and photo gifts (can you say custom mug with chocolate? yum!). I think the hardest part will be making a decision!

Happy shopping!  And if you post a pic of your finished card on your site, you should leave me a link so I can oooh and ahhhh over your kids! :)

And if you want to apply for Shutterfly's promotion for bloggers (50 free cards!), you can go here.

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my gang of turkeys to yours.  May your day be blessed and the turkey be cooked!  We give thanks to God for all of our many, many blessings.  Especially the blessing of food, shelter and family.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.
 ---Psalm 107:1

November 22, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--Thanksgiving edition.

November 22, 2010

Outside my is partly sunny, which really means it is mostly cloudy with a glimpse of sun every so often.  Warm (70 degrees!) and windy.  My kids are loving the day.

I am thinking...about cleaning my laundry room.  I am so overwhelmed with the house and family politics that it just seems the best thing to do.

I am thankful for...chocolate.  For comfy beds.  For a pregnancy with little morning sickness (my best pregnancy ever!) and just tiredness.  For big houses that have room to welcome new babies.  For play-doh and crayons and kittens who enjoy a good chase by a little girl.  For internet shopping.  For liturgical seasons.

From the learning rooms...chug chug chugging along.  I started this year with the plan that our learning was largely going to be literature-based.  I'm finding I feel really unsatisfied by that.  I'm also finding that my husband also needs to see the kids do more concrete work.  I ordered more workbook-type materials for Nathan that he is starting to dig into (and enjoy) and I think come January I will order a couple little things for Patrick.  Stuff like handwriting and spelling work really well in workbook form.  I think I just don't have the patience to manage it the other way.  Still sticking with a lot of books, especially for Nathan. 
From the kitchen...oh gosh, I have no idea.  Menu planning went out the window with the nausea thing.  It has turned into--what can mom stand to smell while it cooks tonight??  And some days, I'm really good and manage to throw something in the crockpot early on.  But then, that SMELL thing comes back to bite me sometimes...

I am exercise pants and a t-shirt.  My wardrobe is really limited right now.  Don't want to wear maternity clothes yet (I wore a maternity shirt to mass yesterday and I felt like it made me look huge. ugh).  Still have a few normal clothes that fit, but those will be filtered out here soon I'm sure.

I am creating...a baby.  'Nuff said.

I am going...nowhere I don't have to go.  Low and Slow is how we're rolling these days.  Of course, there will be Thanksgiving on Thursday at my SIL.  But other than that, no plans.

I am books and magazines.  I can't seem to focus on much.

I am hear the baby's heartbeat at my OB appointment tomorrow.

I am hearing...Liz and Nick playing under the table.  They dumped their oyster crackers and are now eating them off the floor because they are puppies.  Cute!  Good thing I just mopped that floor.....  :)

Around the house...well this weekend is the exciting switch over from fall-decor to Christmas decor.  Very exciting, I love it.  I'm thinking I will need to clear off our school counter to make room for the Jesse tree and place to keep the advent wreath when not in use (otherwise some little person will distribute candles around, I'm sure).  I also need to move the desks in the front room up to the loft or basement for the season.  I am trying to get caught up on cleaning that fell behind the last few weeks.

One of my favorite things...second floor laundry! No more toting baskets and baskets of laundry.

A few plans for the rest of the week... grocery shopping, Thanksgiving get-together, redecorating, maybe get a tree (we'll see), starting the Advent wreath and Jesse tree.  Love this time of year!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Late-night deck helper!

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November 16, 2010

Double Digits!

10 days old!

The big 1-0!  Ten!  It is absolutely amazing to think that you, Nathan, are ten.  We are so proud of you.  You have a zest for life and energy that is beautiful and hard to keep up with all at the same time.  You were our smallest baby at 6 lbs 3 oz (nearly 4 weeks early) and you indoctrinated us into parenthood.  You've taught us what it means to be self-less (and reminded us when we are selfish!) and you are our go-getter.  Always the one to get things done, our strong shoulders!  And yet, you have big emotions and are very sensitive to everything going on around you.  We have enjoyed growing with you these last 10 years and look forward as you grow into adulthood in the next ten.  We love you lots and lots!

10 years old!

October 27, 2010

New life!

Those would be Jacob's baby toes!
We're having a baby. Due in June 2011.

We're having a baby!!  And we're very excited.  I don't have any ultrasound pictures to post yet so it kind of seems unreal.  Like I need to have proof.  I could have posted a picture of the pregnancy test I suppose but that would have been weird.  I think so anyway!

I had my first OB appointment this week and I actually almost panicked when they did another test, as if it might come back negative.  I literally thought to myself, "Why didn't I take TWO tests to make sure?"  Yes, it was positive so there was no need to worry anyhow.

We have told the grandparents and almost everyone on my husband's side and a few close friends.  We haven't told my brother and his wife yet (I don't think they read my blog--I hope not!) because they are expecting their first child and they have a baby shower in two weeks.  I was kind of hoping to keep their baby shower all about them.  But, now, I'm wondering if I will still be able to fit into any clothes that are normal by that point--I may have to spill the beans anyway!

So, the one thing I am kind of excited about is the opportunity to be able to write down some of how I'm feeling here.  You know, I always buy a baby book near the end of my pregnancy and I never remember the silly stuff you're supposed to fill in--foods you craved, who you told first, etc etc.  Maybe I'll be able to fill those in now!! :)

I had my first bout of real nausea last night.  But mostly I've just been tired.  And craving really weird things:  pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tartar sauce (but that one really didn't settle well!), sausage and sauerkraut.  I've been mostly going with it--appeasing the craving because I know the time will come very soon where I won't want anything and nothing tastes good!

Keep this wee one in your prayers if you can.  We're have secret hopes for another girl but we're also happy for whatever God has planned!

October 26, 2010

A year of baptismal birthdays.

Nathan, June 3rd

Jacob, May 15th

Liz, September 30th

Patrick, October 20th

We didn't celebrate Nick's baptismal birthday this year because his was right before we moved.  We will next year, and he'll remember it then anyway!

October 13, 2010

October Daybook.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Outside my is dark and rainy.  I love the rain.  It is relief, especially since we haven't had any!  I know I will dread the greyness come February, but for now it is a respite and a good excuse to snuggle on the couch with my dearies.

I am thinking...a lot about conflict resolution.  Especially how to let it go when the other person refuses to be adult and is making false accusations.  The difficulty is really in how to protect my children and not make them suffer for an adult's personal issues.  And does it make a difference in how one approaches conflict if they have no faith to guide them?

I am thankful for...good friends who offer support and wise counsel. 

From the learning rooms...wrapping up "D" week.  Which really has taken two weeks due to our outside-the-home-commitments.  Floundering a bit as I have lost some of my own rhythm and focus, I hope to get back on track next week.

From the kitchen...trying a recipe for white chicken chili I found online (because I keep forgetting to ask my SIL if she'd share hers!), mexican chicken casserole, sloppy joes, crockpot pork chops, chicken pot pie.  And a make-up baptismal day celebration that got by-passed.

I am workout pants I received for my birthday and a lime green t-shirt.  And my athletic shoes.  Still.

I am creating...exciting stuff.  More on that later.

I am our zoology "class" with our buddies tomorrow.  Piano is cancelled for this week and we're opting out of homeschool gym this week (see said conflict above.  I need time to recover my composure so I don't shake and cry the whole time!).  So, maybe we'll hit the park on friday for some R&R.  Maybe we won't.

I am reading...blogs and magazines and not much else. 

I am hoping...for closure and health.

I am hearing...the gurgle of my new chest freezer.  And Ken's clicks of the keyboard in the other room.  Just got the freezer today, not sure if that gurgle is normal or not?
  • Around the house...we have a deck off the back of the house halfway completed.  It would be nice to get some serious progress made this weekend, especially because it is not safe for the toddler of the household right now. 
  • I have a stairwell also halfway painted--I need to finish that which means I need to find some plastic and put away all the laundry.  That may or may not happen.  But I can hope!  The bigger problem is that I can't have little ones running through while I'm doing it and by the time they go to bed, I'm tired too! 
  • And I bulbs that still need planting.  Ideally, I also need a truckload of mulch, grass seed, and some pansies.  Okay, I don't need pansies.  But still.  I think that only the bulb planting will happen mostly because everything else requires cash.
One of my favorite things...coke and chocolate.  And starbucks.  And sleeping in my bed with the fan running snuggled under the down comforter.  And little girls who talk endlessly about growing up to be a mommy and being in the girl club and all the animals she likes (but not bulls.  Definately not bulls.  They will get you).  Was I really supposed to stick to one?

A few plans for the rest of the week:  catch up!  pray a lot!  and well, all that other stuff I've already mentioned. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... 

First pony ride!
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September 13, 2010

Soccer Season!

We have been living soccer over here.  Sometimes that is good.  Sometimes that is bad.  It makes our lives a little crazy run-run-running four nights a week (and Saturdays!).
Mostly the boys love it.  Especially Nathan and Patrick.  It is a sure-fire bet on hanging out with some boys and getting good exercise two nights a week.
There are times when it isn't any fun.  Like when your team loses.  And you try three times for a goal but never make it.  A good lesson in perseverance.
There are times when you are too nervous.  Jacob has been very very nervous this season (it is his first).  But we've pushed through and he loves it.  Mostly.  It has been a good lesson in overcoming your fears.
Sometimes soccer isn't about soccer at all.  Sometimes you're in it for the sidelines.  Sometimes you're just showing up for the snack at the end of the game.  Yep, that would be Jacob's motivation (mostly).  But in the process, he's having fun.  And he's gotten to meet some kids his own age that go to our church.  That's pretty cool.
Sometimes soccer is all about being a good sport.  Which is hard.  Nobody always feels like a being a good sport. 
And sometimes you just don't want your picture taken!  But that's too bad.  Because when your mother loves you and thinks all of her soccer players are darn cute, she's going to take your picture!  Better get used to it....

Simple Woman's Daybook.

September 13, 2010--Almost halfway through September, can you believe it??

Outside my window...sunny and bright and beautiful with a nice breeze.  Gorgeous.  I love this time of year!

I am thinking...about the park.  And acorns.  And that I would really like to find some of those giant acorns at the park.  But when do we go?  Sandwich it in between school and soccer?  Do I have the energy for that on a Monday?

I am thankful for...homeschooling.  Really.  It is a lot of work and stress and sometimes makes me crazy but I cannot imagine our lives without it.  It gives us routine and a lot of stuff to work on together.

From the learning rooms...wrapping up what is left from "b" week last week and trying to get going on this week.  I still feel a little "discombobulated"  (is that a word? did I spell that right? hmmm) about our school details.  We've got math and phonics and geography down.  But I still feel a little fuzzy in my head about the rest of it.  It will all meld eventually but until then, we just push through.  We start our art class this week and the two oldest boys started PSR at church on sunday.  So it is going to be a whirlwind for the next, oh, six weeks or so:  four nights of soccer, games on saturday, art on tuesday, gym class and piano on friday, PSR and mass on sunday, all added onto normal housework and schoolwork!  Whew!  I am really really happy we chose to take this year off of co-op (even though we miss seeing everybody).

From the kitchen...easy stuff.  Ken is out this week and trying to get everybody fed and out the door for soccer on time means we are doing kid-happy, easy-peasy food this week.  In no particular order:  spaghetti and meatballs, oven-chicken nuggets and fries, tacos, and pizza.

I am wearing...a teal t-shirt and black shorts.  Ponytail and no earrings (yet).  Fashion maven? um, no.  And, I admit it--half my children aren't dressed yet either.  Two of them aren't even wearing pants.  Confessions of a homeschooling mom!! ha!

I am creating...educated children.  I think.

I am going...crazy.  I just can't wait until it is freezing cold and snow on the ground and we get to stay home all the time.  But until then, I will enjoy this time too.  Because as crazy as I feel some days, it is fun too.

I am reading...the kids schoolbooks.  :)  Really, I am.  I just finished Beorn the Proud (which was listed as a book in the MODG curriculum) and decided that I am going to hold off on having Nathan read that one as of yet.

I am get through the week with grace and have some fun!  And I have a long list of prayer intentions for friends and family that I hope to see resolved this week.

I am hearing...the sounds of busy, happy kids.  Playdough and hard workers.

Around the house...I'm trying to get to some touch-up paint here and there.  Lots of little spots that never got painted (in large part because there was no electric/lights and no tools to remove things like towel bars) before we moved in.  Trying to finish those things up now that the air is off and the windows are open.  I would like to paint the stairwell and the bathroom downstairs as well, if I could only find the roller covers.....

One of my favorite things...fall!  I love the weather, I love the colors, I love the apples and the pumpkins and all those good things. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Goin' Fishin'.

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September 9, 2010

Keepin' it real.

After a long week of homeschooling (so it was only two days.  whatever.).......
This is what you get.  Unfortunately you really can't see it all.  You can't see our modified workboxes and the flowers are (thankfully) hiding the chaos on the counter.  But still.  And then, there's the rest of the house.  You definately don't want to see that.  I want a housekeeper for my birthday.  Not a service.  A housekeeper.  I'm willing to adopt!  A permanent live-in housekeeper!  Imagine, homeschooling in clean bliss!

So. Yeah.

On to good news.  We finally have a front walkway that isn't a trip hazard.
And we had lots of help putting it in too!  And they were free.  Well.  We had to feed them.  Anyway... Progress!  In spite of the whole homeschooling, kitchen is a mess thing.  Oh yeah.  Better go do something about that....mess.  kitchen.  thing.


Anyone else out there in the homeschooling world actually able to school and keep your kitchen clean?  I might come live with you.  :)

September 8, 2010

A is for Anniversary.

Eleven years!  Can you believe that?  I can't.  Time does fly when you are having fun!  Weren't we so cute way back then?  We really celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks ago--the grandparents watched the kids all day so we could go have some fun riding roller coasters just the two of us.  And then we picked up Nick and came home for a late romantic dinner and a video!  But, nonetheless, we still had a little celebration just us.

I am incredibly lucky to be married to the best father and husband in the whole wide world!  And my best friend!  I am so thankful that God brought us together 15 years ago and that resulted in this fruitful, blessed union.  God is so good!
Anniversary roses.  There was a "bouquet" of post-its tucked in here too. 
Because post-its are romantic.  :)

September 5, 2010

"A" Week.

We are trying out a walk on The Alphabet Path this year.  I've always wanted to so finally here we go!  Jacob wasn't sure about the Flower Fairies Alphabet book but we'll see if he warms up to it.  For Jacob and Elizabeth, we've been using An Alphabet of Catholic Saints, Flower Fairies Alphabet, and A is for Altar, B is for Bible, and Museum ABC as our backbone books.  The bigger boys are following along as it fits in with their other work.

For A week we talked about St. Anne, St. Augustine, apples, apple pie, altar, and anniversary (more on that in another post!).

A is for apple pie on our Anniversary!

A compilation of our apple art, complete with Jacob's apple tree!  Clockwise from top left, apples by Mom, apple mania by Liz, petite apple by Nathan, full page apple by Patrick and apple tree by Jacob.

Someday I'll get my act together and not count on blogger auto-rotating my images!  But, if you'd like to print this coloring page, I found it here.

Nathan and Patrick are also working on a geography scrapbook inspired by Jessica at Shower of Roses, this week started it all off with F is for First State.  I decided to go in order of statehood instead of alphabetically to correspond with our other American History studies.  Nathan wasn't too happy with studying just ONE state for the whole week but when he saw it all come together in the scrapbook he was pretty happy.

And a peaceful homeschooling moment from our week!