January 13, 2010

Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

Which is pretty much the case any time you mix kids, chaos (comes with the kids), a tired mom and a husband that is out of town (which he is, often). I said at the start of this venture (the one involving the husband being out of town) that I should keep track of all the things that go wrong because he's gone.

Yes, I said because.

Not when, because.

There is a difference, you know. Because things don't often go wrong when the dear husband is in town. And maybe, just maybe such things aren't a big deal because the husband is here to handle them.

Which all leads me back to Murphy's Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Because.

Just because it can. It can go wrong and create havoc for my sanity. It can go wrong and have no one to save me without me looking ridiculous. And it does often go wrong.

If I had kept track, maybe I could make millions writing a funny book. But I doubt it. Nonetheless, some of the wrongs that have occurred are:

  • flat tires, multiple times. one of which involved driving car with flat tire to tire store.
  • dead battery, in the rain, in the middle of the country with no cell service. Had to walk to the nearest house in the mucky mud carrying the baby and ask poor person who was home sick to please jump my battery.
  • basement flooding. yep that was stressful.

And those are just some of the BIG ones. That doesn't include all the vomit, purple sharpie colorings, arguments etc., etc. induced by the children.

So, the next time my dear husband is out of town. Be prepared for something to happen.


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