January 14, 2010

On being a lowly housewife.

You know, the term housewife is really kind of outdated.  I would go so far to say that being called a housewife is considered subservient, demeaning and only reminiscent of the 1950s.  On any sort of application these days the option for a person such as myself who stays home with the children is "homemaker."  Which is great.  I am that for sure.  I am responsible for making the home and keeping it.  But I have always considered myself a "housewife."  Some might think that term is degrading, not lending enough importance to all that a wife and mother at home accomplishes during her day. 

It does, I admit, make me think of the 50s.

However, I think homemaker is bland.  I am first and foremost, a wife.  I just happen to be a wife who stays home, and homeschools and is in charge of lots of little ones (sometimes they are in charge of me).  But without my husband, I have no team.  I have no counterbalance.  My kids or the house do not make me feel complete, my husband does.  I wait for his arrival at the end of the day, his phone call if he is out of town and look forward to the time at the end of the evening reserved just for me.  I am his wife and he is my husband, and it is so good!

And, I am lucky.  I am blessed to have a wonderful, Christ-centered marriage.  I have a husband who truly loves his family and works very hard to provide for us. 

I work hard for him, too.  I cook for him, truly because the kids would be happy to live on peanut-butter-and-jelly or mac-n-cheese.  He's the one who appreciates that I cook and clean and try to make our home a happy one!  So, I am a housewife.  A wife who tries to serve her husband and children with some quality home-making fully realizing that all of it boils down to serving the Lord in my vocation.

I am a Housewife.  And proud of it.

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