January 21, 2010

Scrap it...

I've come to determine that scrapbooking is a waste of my time.  But I still like it.  I really really like these binders:

Why, oh, why didn't someone come up with this sooner?  Why did I struggle on with those darn post-binders for so so long?  Although, I admit, it makes me think of utilitarian, office-supply type organization.  But, so easy!

Sorry, my pic is sideways.  And, my camera sucks doesn't take the best pictures.

Anyhow, back to the original thought.  Scrapbooking requires way too much time.  I am not entirely sure why I feel the compulsion to do it at all.  I could just stick the pictures in an album.  There is something cathartic about creating and writing that I do enjoy.  My mother barely took pictures and they certainly never ended up in an
album.  From an early age, I was the one saving and organizing pictures in those awful sticky-cling albums.  But I am going to try to limit myself this year to major events so that I don't feel so overwhelmed.  All those cute, random pics will just have to go in slots!

I am just wondering, is the scrapbooking craze over and done with? Have people had it with the whole notion and gone back to traditional albums or perhaps, the shoebox method?

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