January 18, 2010

We LOVE Krohn's!

We love Krohn's Conservatory!  First of all, it is free.  Second, it is just a nice place to get out and stretch your legs on a rainy or cold day.  The kids always really enjoy seeing all the different plants.  Nathan especially likes to know what the names are of the ones that catch his interest.  Liz had a little bit of a hard time not plucking all the pink or purple flowers! Their favorite parts are the banana plant, cocoa tree, and bonsai. 

And, if you are really lucky, you are one of the few to spot the clones in a cave (or, ahem, technically speaking in the tunnel beneath the waterfall--another favorite).

Our only disappointment of the day was that the special exhibits room was closed because they are preparing for the next show, I'm guessing the Butterfly show.  Thus, we missed seeing the orange trees (we peeked through the window).  You should go if you haven't been!

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