February 4, 2010

Recipe of the week!

All I can say is , YUM!  I happened to find some boneless ribs on sale and marked down for quick sale--so they were a good price.  I have never made ribs before but I have to say that the two day process for these ribs were well worth it.  The recipe does call for bone-in ribs and to grill them.  Well, my grill was out so I broiled (gasp!) instead.  But, no matter, they were still yummy.  And I did half with the glaze in the recipe and half with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.  The glaze had a little zing to it but I didn't think the kids would like that much.

I noticed ribs were on sale at a lot of stores this week, I'm guessing in preparation for the Super Bowl.  So, go get some and try this recipe!

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