February 9, 2010

Scripture verse for today.

The first reading from today, 1 Kgs 8:22-23, 27-30, just really resonated with me today.  Here goes:

Solomon stood before the altar of the LORD

in the presence of the whole community of Israel,

and stretching forth his hands toward heaven,

he said, “LORD, God of Israel,

there is no God like you in heaven above or on earth below;

you keep your covenant of mercy with your servants

who are faithful to you with their whole heart.

“Can it indeed be that God dwells on earth?

If the heavens and the highest heavens cannot contain you,

how much less this temple which I have built!

Look kindly on the prayer and petition of your servant, O LORD, my God,

and listen to the cry of supplication which I, your servant,

utter before you this day.

May your eyes watch night and day over this temple,

the place where you have decreed you shall be honored;

may you heed the prayer which I, your servant, offer in this place.

Listen to the petitions of your servant and of your people Israel

which they offer in this place.

Listen from your heavenly dwelling and grant pardon.”

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