April 9, 2010

40 Bags in 40 days....uhhh.... not even close!

Okay, so next year, I need to do better!  40 bags?  Not even close?  You'd think with this pending move I'd have been cranking out the decluttering.  Not so.  Reminder to self:  You only completed 12 stinky bags!  12!

Six trash and six giveaway and I know there is waaaayyyy more crapola in this house than that.  But, here's the real problem.
I think I have boxing block. 

I'm not talking about some sort of fancy athletic move involving gloves and stopping your opponent from knocking you out.

I'm talking about I open a box, I tape the bottom, turn it right side up and look at it.

And look at it. 

Yes, this is it. Sigh.

Do I put something in it?


What do I keep?
What do I throw away?

Then the ever so magical thing happens.

Oh, never mind.

I'll procrastinate.

I'll box stuff up.... like....maybe.....the.....day....before.....we.... move.

We'll see.

And, for the record, boxes are slippery if you are wearing socks.  Ouch.

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