June 21, 2010

Book Review--Small Steps for Catholic Moms Companion Journal.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to review books for The Catholic Company.  And, can you imagine how excited I was when one of the books I could review was the Small Steps for Catholic Moms Companion Journal by Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss?  Way, way excited!  Now, I don't have the Small Steps for Catholic Moms book itself.  But after looking through the companion journal, that will be my next purchase!

The companion journal is spiral-bound and broken down into months with each month having a corresponding virtue to reflect upon.  For example, I went straight to the month of June and (ka-pow!) the virtue is Gentleness.  This really struck me because this is exactly what I have been feeling called to work on.  Elizabeth writes, "Like the monastery bell calls a monk, the child calls a mother to service, and her work with the child becomes a prayer.  ...She will count every call to gentleness over exasperation a blessing."  I can say that I will hold this thought in my head as I try to work on gentleness in the chaos of little people instead of exasperated.  Some of the other virtues are Grace (May), Courage (April), Humility (July), Diligence (September) with special section for Lent.  Aren't these all virtues we could use encouragement for as we walk this (sometimes lonely) path of motherhood?  Diligence as we start a new school year in September.  Courage as we try to struggle through in April.  Grace as we contemplate our Blessed Mother in May and all our shortcomings and desires to be like Her.  This little companion journal reads like a good friend who knows just the right things to say to encourage us along.

This journal really just reflects the truly caring and God-filled natures of these two beautiful women, Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss.  If you didn't know it before (but I think you did), then you would know it by going through this journal.  It is very well-written with an essay about each virtue followed by questions for reflection and journaling space.  Although the journal is designed for personal reflection, I could see how it could also be used in a small group format.  I really just can't say enough praise for this handy little booklet and I can't wait to get the book.

You can find the Small Steps for Catholic Moms Companion Journal at The Catholic Company for $12.95 and the book Small Steps for Catholic Moms for $16.95.  Really reasonable prices for tools that can help us in our journey as Catholic moms!

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