June 3, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--Park Fun Edition.

June 3, 2010

I've been promising the kids all week we'd go to the park. All week!  I don't like to promise and not come through so... we pulled out all the stops at the last minute!  And, I'm combining two posts into one, yippee for me! 

Outside my window...it is dark and rainy.  The sunset was awesome.  I just love it here.  Sitting on the front porch watching the storms move through, the sunsets, the swallows, the grass in the breeze.  Just awesome.

I am thinking...about schedules.  We've all been running a-muck since we moved here and I need peace and order.  I've never been a big fan of schedules, even though we've always loosely followed one.  But, I think my sanity requires a strict one right now.  Any suggestions?  How do you jump from no schedule to a very determined schedule?
He looks so big!

I am thankful for...dishwashers.  Even ones I don't like.  And for God's awesome grace and power!

From the learning rooms...this doesn't apply.  My mother is finally home, thank goodness, and feeling better.  But, we are still recovering ourselves.  So, I think all formal learning will have to wait until after our vacation and we can settle into that routine I was talking about.  And I'm ordering some books for inspiration from Amazon.  Ones that have been in my cart forever but I haven't ordered.

From the kitchen...simple stuff.  Simple, simple, simple.  Although, I really want to try this but I'm not sure it is a good idea (for my waistline).  :)

I am wearing...a pink tank top and jean shorts.  With a headband AND a ponytail and dangly earrings.  I lost one of my standard silver hoops!

I am creating...vacation packing lists and piles of stuff!  I would like to be creating some scrapbook pages and some order in my house!
A hummingbird!  Our fav...

I am going...to my mom's house tomorrow.  We'll swim (she'll watch if she's up to it) and hang out with her for awhile.

I am reading...blogs and Pottery Barn catalogs.  I can't ever afford to buy anything from there but I still like to look!

I am hoping...my husband decides if he is going to buy a car soon! I'm worried for our current van. I have been praying over it during the whole house-building process and I hope it doesn't go Ka-Boom!  :)

I am hearing...the dishwasher and the dog barking.  I should go bring her in.

Around the house...I would like to hang some more pictures this week.  The vegetable garden is in dire need of help.  I have been slowly putting down newspaper and mulch but it takes me such a long time to get anything done.  And, I keep running out of newspaper!

One of my favorite things...ice cream and sticky kids!

Visit Peggy for more daybooks that hopefully have less pictures! Ha!


  1. You are a bless mother...5 beautiful kids!!!
    Have a great week end

  2. Great post and beautiful children! Have a wonderful day!