July 16, 2010

Fancy Nancy Fancy Dinner.

Elizabeth loves Fancy Nancy.  Elizabeth loves "pretty stuff" just like Nancy.  So, Ken had a great idea to have a Fancy Nancy dinner.  We all dressed up fancy, which was a stretch for the boys--they wanted to just be Jedi's.  But I said no.  So they got a little more creative.  But just a little!  But that is all right.  We said "dahling" a lot and even some French (monsieur and mademoiselle)....keeping in mind that my French is oh-so-lame.  :)

Le Menu
Poulet de Rotisseri
Les Haricot Verts
Au Pain
De Vin (really sparkling grape juice)
We ate off of the fine china and had fancy glasses.
All food looks fancier on china.
Even with mis-match placemats!
My dear, sweet husband even thought to bring home roses.
How fancy!

And parfaits for dessert, of course!

Elizabeth was absolutely thrilled.
She kept saying, "Thanks, dahling!" all night long.
She said it was the best dinner ever.
We finished the night off by putting on our pajamas and watching a movie.

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