July 23, 2010

Garden Tour

Jumping in with the Garden Tour over here, and because I've really really been wanting to post pictures of my garden, here are some current pictures.  And garden art to boot!  I must preface this with--I am so thrilled!  I am so thrilled to even have any flowerbeds or a vegetable garden since I really thought that this year we wouldn't.  Having gardens really makes me feel fulfilled, isn't that so funny?
This is my favorite pot and one I carried over from last year.
Hosta, Wandering Jew, White Impatiens
The hosta stays in the pot year-round, I took a cutting from the Wandering Jew (Tradescantia pendula?) and rooted it over the winter, and the impatiens are a little four-pack from the store.  Cheap and Easy!

This is one of my favorite parts of the lanscaping.  I just love how everything filled in mumbo-jumbo.  And the petunias and roses were Mother's Day presents.
Knockout roses, petunias, sedum, iris, and one rogue black-eyed susan popping up on the left!

Same garden but bigger view, had to get St. Francis in a pic somewhere!
Same things, adding in purple coneflower behind St. Francis.


No, this is not just a pile of weeds.  This would be my vegetable garden!
I have fought long and hard and lost.  Well, I lost the onions.  There in the front mess somewhere.
I added this picture because I think it is kind of funny.  But really if you look from the other side you would see that it isn't ALL weeds.  Just sections!

Baby Cantaloupe coming to a kitchen near us soon!

Harvest from yesterday:
A few remaining green beans, peppers, zucchini, two kinds of tomatoes, corn.

And now for the garden art.  This could have had a post all of it's own, but I'm economizing!

Queen Anne's Lace by Patrick.
I don't know why, but blogger won't let me turn it right-side up!

Blackberry bushes by Jacob

Bushes by Nathan.
As illustrated by this picture here:
See?  :)

Front garden as seen from the front porch by Nathan.

Pot of sedum, top view by Patrick.

And that's all for now!

Aren't you glad? :)

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  1. Thanks for joining in! Wonderful gardens. The vegetables look so yummy. I do love having a vegetable garden and the rewards filling my freezer for winter eating :)
    I love that pot too! Beautiful colors in there. Nice job.

    Happy Weekend!