August 25, 2010

Welcome to the zoo!

I've been meaning to document our growing (seemingly daily!) little group of pets.
First, and foremost, is Sally the beagle.  Not the best picture of her above.  If I find a better one, I'll replace it.  But she is perhaps the best dog ever.  I know, I know, everybody says that!  REALLY.  She is.  She tolerates anything from the children, she listens well and puts up with visiting dogs and all the other animals.  She does have a few idiosyncrises like jumping in people's cars and eating random weird things.  She IS a dog.  She's allowed to do that.
Next comes Pilchard the cat.  He joined our family almost 8 years ago and has been a terror ever since.  But he makes for great conversation.  He is not the friendliest cat and has been known to "hunt" the children and Ken---especially if he decides he wants to be fed.  He also happens to be enormously huge--about 16 lbs.--almost as big as Sally.  And she is scared of him.  Nathan named him after Bob the Builder's cat who happens to be blue.  Pilchard is not blue.  But, Nathan was two at the time and really liked Bob the Builder.
Now comes Blossom.  Also named after a TV cat, Blossom is named after Fetch's friend Princess Blossom von Yum Yum.  I think I got that right.  We got her almost two months ago from a local feed store and she is proving to be a very sweet cat.  She allows all of the children, even Nick who carries her rather uncomfortably, to carry her around incessantly.
Then we have the turtles.  Yes, that is plural on purpose.  Three turtles.  The one on the left of the picture is Chad, he is a painted turtle and is very friendly.  The bottom turtle is Anna and the smallest one on top is Gilbert, both of which are red-eared sliders.  These are Nathan's purchase which he spent all of his hard-earned dollars from cutting grass on.  And he likes them very very much.  And I think we all enjoy them--they are fun to watch swimming in the tank.
Today we have the addition of a baby bunny named Louis after the feast day of St. Louis of France (whenever the children can't agree on names, what better place to turn than the calendar??).  He was "found" by Sally and I "found" him tucked under her paws.  I'm not sure if she was protecting him or saving him for a snack later but I think it is probably best that I found him when I did.  :)  Anyway, he must be littler than 10 days old because his eyes aren't open yet and other than a scrape on his neck, he seems to be doing quite well.  We intend to take care of him until he is big enough to return to the wild and have a shot at survival.

This WAS Hermer, Nathan's hermit crab.  I am including him because he was our pet until yesterday.  He died yesterday and Nathan was very sad.  Little Hermer was a fixture in our house for some time and he was well loved and deserved a mention here.

That is all.  For now.  Oh dear!

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