September 13, 2010

Soccer Season!

We have been living soccer over here.  Sometimes that is good.  Sometimes that is bad.  It makes our lives a little crazy run-run-running four nights a week (and Saturdays!).
Mostly the boys love it.  Especially Nathan and Patrick.  It is a sure-fire bet on hanging out with some boys and getting good exercise two nights a week.
There are times when it isn't any fun.  Like when your team loses.  And you try three times for a goal but never make it.  A good lesson in perseverance.
There are times when you are too nervous.  Jacob has been very very nervous this season (it is his first).  But we've pushed through and he loves it.  Mostly.  It has been a good lesson in overcoming your fears.
Sometimes soccer isn't about soccer at all.  Sometimes you're in it for the sidelines.  Sometimes you're just showing up for the snack at the end of the game.  Yep, that would be Jacob's motivation (mostly).  But in the process, he's having fun.  And he's gotten to meet some kids his own age that go to our church.  That's pretty cool.
Sometimes soccer is all about being a good sport.  Which is hard.  Nobody always feels like a being a good sport. 
And sometimes you just don't want your picture taken!  But that's too bad.  Because when your mother loves you and thinks all of her soccer players are darn cute, she's going to take your picture!  Better get used to it....

Simple Woman's Daybook.

September 13, 2010--Almost halfway through September, can you believe it??

Outside my window...sunny and bright and beautiful with a nice breeze.  Gorgeous.  I love this time of year!

I am thinking...about the park.  And acorns.  And that I would really like to find some of those giant acorns at the park.  But when do we go?  Sandwich it in between school and soccer?  Do I have the energy for that on a Monday?

I am thankful for...homeschooling.  Really.  It is a lot of work and stress and sometimes makes me crazy but I cannot imagine our lives without it.  It gives us routine and a lot of stuff to work on together.

From the learning rooms...wrapping up what is left from "b" week last week and trying to get going on this week.  I still feel a little "discombobulated"  (is that a word? did I spell that right? hmmm) about our school details.  We've got math and phonics and geography down.  But I still feel a little fuzzy in my head about the rest of it.  It will all meld eventually but until then, we just push through.  We start our art class this week and the two oldest boys started PSR at church on sunday.  So it is going to be a whirlwind for the next, oh, six weeks or so:  four nights of soccer, games on saturday, art on tuesday, gym class and piano on friday, PSR and mass on sunday, all added onto normal housework and schoolwork!  Whew!  I am really really happy we chose to take this year off of co-op (even though we miss seeing everybody).

From the kitchen...easy stuff.  Ken is out this week and trying to get everybody fed and out the door for soccer on time means we are doing kid-happy, easy-peasy food this week.  In no particular order:  spaghetti and meatballs, oven-chicken nuggets and fries, tacos, and pizza.

I am wearing...a teal t-shirt and black shorts.  Ponytail and no earrings (yet).  Fashion maven? um, no.  And, I admit it--half my children aren't dressed yet either.  Two of them aren't even wearing pants.  Confessions of a homeschooling mom!! ha!

I am creating...educated children.  I think.

I am going...crazy.  I just can't wait until it is freezing cold and snow on the ground and we get to stay home all the time.  But until then, I will enjoy this time too.  Because as crazy as I feel some days, it is fun too.

I am reading...the kids schoolbooks.  :)  Really, I am.  I just finished Beorn the Proud (which was listed as a book in the MODG curriculum) and decided that I am going to hold off on having Nathan read that one as of yet.

I am get through the week with grace and have some fun!  And I have a long list of prayer intentions for friends and family that I hope to see resolved this week.

I am hearing...the sounds of busy, happy kids.  Playdough and hard workers.

Around the house...I'm trying to get to some touch-up paint here and there.  Lots of little spots that never got painted (in large part because there was no electric/lights and no tools to remove things like towel bars) before we moved in.  Trying to finish those things up now that the air is off and the windows are open.  I would like to paint the stairwell and the bathroom downstairs as well, if I could only find the roller covers.....

One of my favorite things...fall!  I love the weather, I love the colors, I love the apples and the pumpkins and all those good things. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Goin' Fishin'.

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September 9, 2010

Keepin' it real.

After a long week of homeschooling (so it was only two days.  whatever.).......
This is what you get.  Unfortunately you really can't see it all.  You can't see our modified workboxes and the flowers are (thankfully) hiding the chaos on the counter.  But still.  And then, there's the rest of the house.  You definately don't want to see that.  I want a housekeeper for my birthday.  Not a service.  A housekeeper.  I'm willing to adopt!  A permanent live-in housekeeper!  Imagine, homeschooling in clean bliss!

So. Yeah.

On to good news.  We finally have a front walkway that isn't a trip hazard.
And we had lots of help putting it in too!  And they were free.  Well.  We had to feed them.  Anyway... Progress!  In spite of the whole homeschooling, kitchen is a mess thing.  Oh yeah.  Better go do something about that....mess.  kitchen.  thing.


Anyone else out there in the homeschooling world actually able to school and keep your kitchen clean?  I might come live with you.  :)

September 8, 2010

A is for Anniversary.

Eleven years!  Can you believe that?  I can't.  Time does fly when you are having fun!  Weren't we so cute way back then?  We really celebrated our anniversary a couple of weeks ago--the grandparents watched the kids all day so we could go have some fun riding roller coasters just the two of us.  And then we picked up Nick and came home for a late romantic dinner and a video!  But, nonetheless, we still had a little celebration just us.

I am incredibly lucky to be married to the best father and husband in the whole wide world!  And my best friend!  I am so thankful that God brought us together 15 years ago and that resulted in this fruitful, blessed union.  God is so good!
Anniversary roses.  There was a "bouquet" of post-its tucked in here too. 
Because post-its are romantic.  :)

September 5, 2010

"A" Week.

We are trying out a walk on The Alphabet Path this year.  I've always wanted to so finally here we go!  Jacob wasn't sure about the Flower Fairies Alphabet book but we'll see if he warms up to it.  For Jacob and Elizabeth, we've been using An Alphabet of Catholic Saints, Flower Fairies Alphabet, and A is for Altar, B is for Bible, and Museum ABC as our backbone books.  The bigger boys are following along as it fits in with their other work.

For A week we talked about St. Anne, St. Augustine, apples, apple pie, altar, and anniversary (more on that in another post!).

A is for apple pie on our Anniversary!

A compilation of our apple art, complete with Jacob's apple tree!  Clockwise from top left, apples by Mom, apple mania by Liz, petite apple by Nathan, full page apple by Patrick and apple tree by Jacob.

Someday I'll get my act together and not count on blogger auto-rotating my images!  But, if you'd like to print this coloring page, I found it here.

Nathan and Patrick are also working on a geography scrapbook inspired by Jessica at Shower of Roses, this week started it all off with F is for First State.  I decided to go in order of statehood instead of alphabetically to correspond with our other American History studies.  Nathan wasn't too happy with studying just ONE state for the whole week but when he saw it all come together in the scrapbook he was pretty happy.

And a peaceful homeschooling moment from our week!

Book Review--The Catholic Prayer Book

As much as I would say that you couldn't go wrong with a simple prayer book, I am not particularly fond of this one.  The Catholic Prayer Book (Large Print Edition) is compiled by Msgr. Michael Buckley and edited by Tony Castle and is a publication of Servant Books.  It is designed to be an all-encompassing reference of prayers including general every day prayers and some assorted prayers from saints.

I found this book to be very utilitarian.  The large print is too overwhelmingly large for me and the layout is such that many of the prayers overlap onto the back side of the page (sometimes just one or two lines).  And although the Contents lists prayers by category (and sometimes by specific prayer), I would have liked to had an index listing each individual prayer alphabetically. 

The Catholic Prayer Book serves its intended function as a reference book.  I think it would be a good reference for someone coming into the faith.  I just was not impressed with the overall layout.  If you are interested in checking it out for yourself or for someone interested in the Catholic faith, you can find The Catholic Prayer Book at The Catholic Company for $15.99.

And, if you're interested, The Catholic Company also offers quite a selection of Mary Statues!