September 9, 2010

Keepin' it real.

After a long week of homeschooling (so it was only two days.  whatever.).......
This is what you get.  Unfortunately you really can't see it all.  You can't see our modified workboxes and the flowers are (thankfully) hiding the chaos on the counter.  But still.  And then, there's the rest of the house.  You definately don't want to see that.  I want a housekeeper for my birthday.  Not a service.  A housekeeper.  I'm willing to adopt!  A permanent live-in housekeeper!  Imagine, homeschooling in clean bliss!

So. Yeah.

On to good news.  We finally have a front walkway that isn't a trip hazard.
And we had lots of help putting it in too!  And they were free.  Well.  We had to feed them.  Anyway... Progress!  In spite of the whole homeschooling, kitchen is a mess thing.  Oh yeah.  Better go do something about that....mess.  kitchen.  thing.


Anyone else out there in the homeschooling world actually able to school and keep your kitchen clean?  I might come live with you.  :)

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