September 13, 2010

Soccer Season!

We have been living soccer over here.  Sometimes that is good.  Sometimes that is bad.  It makes our lives a little crazy run-run-running four nights a week (and Saturdays!).
Mostly the boys love it.  Especially Nathan and Patrick.  It is a sure-fire bet on hanging out with some boys and getting good exercise two nights a week.
There are times when it isn't any fun.  Like when your team loses.  And you try three times for a goal but never make it.  A good lesson in perseverance.
There are times when you are too nervous.  Jacob has been very very nervous this season (it is his first).  But we've pushed through and he loves it.  Mostly.  It has been a good lesson in overcoming your fears.
Sometimes soccer isn't about soccer at all.  Sometimes you're in it for the sidelines.  Sometimes you're just showing up for the snack at the end of the game.  Yep, that would be Jacob's motivation (mostly).  But in the process, he's having fun.  And he's gotten to meet some kids his own age that go to our church.  That's pretty cool.
Sometimes soccer is all about being a good sport.  Which is hard.  Nobody always feels like a being a good sport. 
And sometimes you just don't want your picture taken!  But that's too bad.  Because when your mother loves you and thinks all of her soccer players are darn cute, she's going to take your picture!  Better get used to it....

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