September 5, 2010

"A" Week.

We are trying out a walk on The Alphabet Path this year.  I've always wanted to so finally here we go!  Jacob wasn't sure about the Flower Fairies Alphabet book but we'll see if he warms up to it.  For Jacob and Elizabeth, we've been using An Alphabet of Catholic Saints, Flower Fairies Alphabet, and A is for Altar, B is for Bible, and Museum ABC as our backbone books.  The bigger boys are following along as it fits in with their other work.

For A week we talked about St. Anne, St. Augustine, apples, apple pie, altar, and anniversary (more on that in another post!).

A is for apple pie on our Anniversary!

A compilation of our apple art, complete with Jacob's apple tree!  Clockwise from top left, apples by Mom, apple mania by Liz, petite apple by Nathan, full page apple by Patrick and apple tree by Jacob.

Someday I'll get my act together and not count on blogger auto-rotating my images!  But, if you'd like to print this coloring page, I found it here.

Nathan and Patrick are also working on a geography scrapbook inspired by Jessica at Shower of Roses, this week started it all off with F is for First State.  I decided to go in order of statehood instead of alphabetically to correspond with our other American History studies.  Nathan wasn't too happy with studying just ONE state for the whole week but when he saw it all come together in the scrapbook he was pretty happy.

And a peaceful homeschooling moment from our week!

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