December 10, 2010

Kitchen Window Makeover.

Since moving in here in April, I've felt like my kitchen has nooooo flow.  To have doubled, almost tripled, my kitchen size I can't figure out why it feels like such a disaster!  I can't keep up with it.  I keep waiting for the kitchen fairy of inspiration to strike--but no luck yet.  So, maybe my little window makeover inspired by LMLD will help get it started.  Because I would really like my kitchen to be a peaceful place in time for Christmas!

My before photo.  The windowsill tends to be a collection place for random toys and small saints.  To the left is my crockpot (it is often there) and the pile-up for dirty dishes, and in this case--an empty chip bag!  To the right sits my pile of clean dishes.  I laughed at Leila's post because I have never ever had a dish rack.  And in fact, I don't use kitchen towels--I use old placemats!  I've always felt guilty about that... but now I don't feel so bad!  And also to the left is the pile-up of baking stuff from yesterday.

Upper left cabinets hold glassware, above the dishwasher.  The upper right cabinets hold plates and bowls.  I would really prefer for it to be reversed but the size of the cabinets are better suited this way.

My after photo.  I don't have much room for pretty stuff on my windowsill but a clean window and a little garland goes a long way towards a peaceful view!

Now... to tackle the kitchen island.  If I could surround it with barbed wire, I might be able to keep it clean.....  everyone seems to deposit all sorts of miscellany there!


  1. You have a nice sized window and beautiful wood-trimmed window frame! My kitchen window is really too big and has no trim at all. I like your garland! It looks very cozy and warm.

  2. Very pretty and clean!
    You have a lovely view, too!

    As for the island, take every. single. thing. OFF. As soon as you put one thing on, everyone views it as permission to park their stuff there!

    Then after a while you can reclaim it for anything you want to be there, and maybe, just maybe, the barbarians will have other habits by then ;)

    No promises!

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  3. Love the idea of barbed wire!:) May use that around here. Oh and very cute decor.

  4. Very nice! You did a good job making your window cheery and bright!

  5. Good job! It looks so pretty. Doesn't it just make a huge difference in your kitchen? I have also always had those tiny little "hallway" kitchens and now in our current home it's a big square. I have to laugh at myself that I feel it's far to walk from my coffee maker in one corner to the fridge in the other...haha.

  6. Thanks everyone! Leila--I'm willing to give anything a try. It has gotta be better than barbed wire (I'd hurt myself the most!). :)
    Elisa--well, you wouldn't want your coffee to cool off too much before you put in the creamer! But, yes, I know what you mean exactly! I sometimes find myself walking round and round my kitchen. If only it would help me lose a few pounds!ha!

  7. Oh, I love the garland around the window!
    How cute.

  8. Those lights and garland look really pretty...maybe after christmas you can put up a little short length curtain along the top....
    Get a colour theme that you love happening through the kitchen, tea towels...bowls, and maybe a fabric lined basket for the island for the 'bits and pieces' that are getting put there..????
    x Suzanne x

  9. I laugh at your curtainless window, too, because I've lived here two years now and just hung up a curtain a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't even a real curtain, just a leftover valance from another job that I wanted the panels for. :-)

    And I love the little nativity on the ledge.

  10. I like your little (wooden?) nativity. Perfect for sitting on the window!

  11. How pretty! You have such a nice view and the garland is so perfect and festive!
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. Lovely transformation! The garland is perfect for the season.

    Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

    Have a lovely week, Tamara

  13. Great job. I love the garland. Perhaps after Christmas, get another garland instead of a curtain? You could rotate seasonally...I could see a morning glory garland for the summer months...