December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I had great plans this week of posting about Ken's birthday and our trip to the trains.  I had posts planned in my head about our holiday crafting and gingerbread houses and .....  they never happened. 

But yesterday afternoon.  It hit me.  Christmas Peace.  I was loading the kids up to run an errand and pick up pizza, the kitchen was still a mess from the day's preparations, Ken had to drive 2 hours away unexpectedly to fix something for work, and it all didn't matter.  I was just at peace.  The peace I've been wanting all of Advent.  I was full of joy.  And I still am!

It was a gift!  Truly a gift from God.  And here we are, Christmas Eve and the important thing is that I will be celebrating God's gift of His Son, with all my little gifts from God and that is enough.  None of the baking, preparing, cleaning, stressing...matters.

May the peace of Christ be with you all!  Glory to God in the highest! Merry Christmas!

And if I don't post between now and then--Happy New Year too! :)

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