December 9, 2010

Roller Coaster week.

Well, the week started off with a bang.  In a good way.  We got our christmas tree at our local cut-your-own farm.  Always a good time!  It amazes me that I have a young man old enough to drag that tree himself!
Nick really loves being in the backpack carrier.  He didn't much mind the cold!

We got our first snow of the season on Saturday.  And our first snow angels!  Liz loves making snow angels (and sand angels and dirt angels....).

And first attempts on our newly-mowed sled run.  It was great (I tried it so I know!).
Lots of fun and hot chocolate at the Christmas parade (and candy and cookies and a live nativity too!).

 And all the joy and excitement that comes with St. Nicholas day.  The stockings have already been emptied here.  Had to hang up the "extra" stocking for the new baby!
 And then, the downhill part.  Mr. Nick broke his wrist Tuesday afternoon.  He fell off a chair at this very island while we were trying to finish a project.  How I didn't see him, I don't know!  Bad Mama!  Here he is trying to make the best of it in his temporary cast while making cookies.  Not only does he also have a cold, the poor boy can't get comfortable to sleep at night.  Which means that either Ken or I are up with him.  A lot.  Which has turned my sweet, easy-going toddler into a fussy, uncomfortable, has-a-hard-time drinking his juice toddler.
So, we're all trying to console ourselves with lots of cookie-making!  And movie-watching.

I'm hoping that Nick heals quickly and we can start climbing uphill again!  In baby news, I am 14 weeks today and that is a very very good thing.  Still very tired, but not feeling so ill!

Say a prayer for Nick, will you?  It is miserable to see a little one uncomfortable!

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