January 17, 2011

Freezer Cooking.

For months, I've been trying to get in some freezer cooking.  Inspired by Jessica at Life As Mom, I did make up all my Christmas cookies in large batches and freeze them.  Considering I ended up making 10 tins of cookies to give away to neighbors and hubby's co-workers, had cookies for Ken's birthday, and two Christmas celebrations (not to mention all that my kids ate)--I think this worked out really well!  And, I was worried the cookies would come out of the freezer kind of stale, but not so.

So, my SIL is having a baby in 4 weeks.  Or thereabouts.  And I would like to bless her and my brother with meals.  But, it is ridiculously painful to make meals, feed my own family, and drive them across town as needed.  So, freezer cooking it is!  She thankfully has room in her freezer for a couple of meals and she can just pull them out and throw them in the oven when she needs one. 

This is the outcome for my day's worth of work (actually, split into two days.  I cooked all the meat on one and assembled on another).
  • Two pasta bakes (one to give away)
  • 4 Chicken pot pies (one for dinner tonight, one to give away)
  • 1 banana bread (the ziploc bag on the left--we ate the other already!)
  • 1 bag of meatballs (not shown)
So, that leaves me with two meals to give away.  One meal for dinner tonight.  One breakfast.  And 4 meals for the future.  Now, I do have to say that I could have economized better--made more meals using similar ingredients (like beef and chicken).  But I was using (mostly) what I had on hand since we're having a tight grocery dollar month and meals I knew my kids would love.  And this was a last minute decision, I didn't plan the meals (because I was going off only what I had) so I didn't shop for them specifically.

I'm thinking next month I'll plan ahead better because I really like the idea of having meals made already.  Anyone else do freezer cooking?  Have a meal to share?

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