February 16, 2011


We have been anxiously awaiting Sally's beagle puppies for a few days now.  She kept me up all night with her anxiety (she had to be near us!) and whining.  Boy, I really could sympathize with her! By 1 am, I'd had all I could manage and had to go to bed so I moved her and her whelping box to our bathroom.  It ended up being a great place anyway--out of the way, warm and quiet.  Plus I can shut the door if I need to keep kids out.  And, we had friends over for a playdate so that was extra exciting--getting to share our puppies with them.  The kids enjoyed checking on Sally and giving the updated number! 
Here is Sally with her seven puppies--she is tired and really doesn't want her pic taken.  I had some sweet moments with my oldest son as we were awaiting the first puppy and Sally was so uncomfortable.  I think it was the first time he realized the effort it takes to bring a baby into the world!
The littlest of the pups.  I think it is a boy.

Full view.  So sweet.  And the puppies were way bigger than I thought they would be.  And I'm impressed at how well they get around!

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