February 28, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook--February in Pictures.

After the ice storm.

February 28, 2011

I'm adding in a whole bunch of pics from the month of February.  I just didn't get around to blogging everything I wanted.

Outside my window...wet, rainy, and dreary.  And lots of mud.  I could use some sunshine and dry, warm, weather.

Their proud creation--a snow fort you can sled through!  The ice storm just made it even stronger and it lasted a really long time.

I am thinking...about the list of "to-do" that keeps growing.

I am thankful for...all the opportunities and blessings we have.  For my children.  For wonder and delight.  For thoughtful little girls.  For friends and family.  For my husband.

Icicles=Popsicles, apparently.

From the learning rooms...double-up days still in effect.  We fell off the wagon last week with all sorts of adventures.  We have to get back on track this week.  Less than fifteen weeks left until this baby comes.  I figure that realistically gives me twelve weeks of school left.  We quit doubling phonics--it was too hard for Patrick and Jake to keep up with.  So, we might not get through those.  If we'll have to, we'll just pick up where we left off next year.

From the kitchen...freezer meals--they make my life so easy!

Poster child for Icicle treats!

I am wearing...sweats, a t-shirt and a ponytail.  I'm tired and we aren't going anywhere.  Might as well be comfy and save the maternity clothes for leaving the house!

Enjoying the sunshine!

I am creating...trying to finish up burp cloths for my SIL whose baby was due last week.  You'd think that would be motivation!  Trying to get some scrapbooking done--with no success.  I am however, creating lots and lots of plans--for coops, playsets, financial ones. 

I am going...to the feed and store sometime this week for seeds.  To walmart for mud boots.  A doctor's appt tomorrow.  Piano on friday and hopefully, some fun this weekend.

I am reading...still trying to do the Bible in a year.  I am woefully behind.  I feel too tired to even read!  Can't wait for a burst of energy..... :)
Homeschool Ski Day.

I am hoping...all of our plans come together in time to be settled before baby boy arrives. ....for a wise doc this week. ....that all of our puppies find homes.

These three had a great time. Patrick still did not like the lifts again this year.

I am hearing...The dishwasher being emptied.  Nick is saying, "Cha! Cha!"--chopping up his breakfast, I'm guessing.  Patrick and Elizabeth having a conversation.  He is trying to kindly get out of saying he doesn't really like her Strawberry Shortcake.  He said, "I'm not saying that I necessarily don't like it.  I'm just not saying that I really like it."  This wasn't a good enough answer for Elizabeth.  She's always looking for validation for all things girl.  The boys, well, are boys.

Around the house...puppies are getting big!  And stinky.  Chicks are in the basement, settling in nicely.  The dog tried to eat one this morning--the boys were trying to "show" it to her and I think she must have thought it was a special treat!  The chick seems unscathed.  The race is on to get a coop done.  And we desperately need a playset.

Gotta love that face.  They finally opened their eyes at 1.5 weeks.

One of my favorite things...puppies.  You'd think they were my puppies, I'm so proud of them!  I just want to hold them and squish them and....   I think it must be the pregnancy hormones! :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...catching up.

Here is picture video thought I am sharing... live action of sledding through the snow fort.  Courtesy of my husband!


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  1. Love your kitchen prayer. I am working on freezer meals too. I enjoyed your February recap, I was thinking of doing the same, because there just aren't enough hours to get those posts done, maybe because I'm too slow. Have a blessed week.