February 24, 2011

Soccer, again.

Soccer, soccer, and more great soccer!  But, indoor this time--which works a little differently than SAY.  For one, it is harder to get a good picture!  The lighting is bad and the fields are covered with glass or netting so a flash is pointless.  :)  That is Nathan up above, number 14.  He's playing in this league with a lot of the kids from his fall team.  They haven't won a game yet, an idea that is very disparaging to Nathan!  But, it is a good form of exercise (once a week) for the winter season.

Notice Nathan is the only one NOT moving in this picture.  He's busy looking at me when he should be looking at the ball!  Funny kid.  It is easy to get distracted when you are down 8 to 2.  It is also easy to get distracted if all of your siblings are on the sideline eating popcorn and soft pretzels!  Maybe if I'd bribe the team with soft pretzels, they'd win!  But I don't think so.  A lot of these teams seem like they've played together for awhile.  Something to aspire for!

 Ken is playing indoor soccer, too!  He has a team with his brothers, sister, and some neices and nephews.  They haven't won a game either!  He played goalie the first half.  Wonder why they aren't winning????   :)  I took this picture for the pure harassment of my husband!  And, actually, he was a great goalie.  He wasn't getting much help from his team in defense and the other team was really good.

Going for the ball.  He's not watching me take his picture!

That blur on the right would be my husband.  The blur on the left is his youngest brother.

Not having to run so hard at this moment!  That would be my husband and one of my neices.

They still lost, 7 to 1, I think.  But it was fun to watch them play!  And the kids ran crazy with their cousins on the sidelines.  But we were the only spectators so we weren't bothering anyone!

For the record, it doesn't appear that spring soccer is in the works for us.  Nathan said he is "too busy" --haha!  He loves spring and wants to just enjoy being outside.  And, really, with three birthdays, a first communion for Patrick (as well as one for my goddaughter), and a baby on the way---I think we'll be busy enough without shuttling to and fro from practices!

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