February 24, 2011

The sweetness of Three.

Liz says great things.  Great mainly because they are different than anything her brothers would say.  She is frequently the one who tells me I am the best mommy, or that she loves me (spontaneously), little things that I am storing up in my heart for when she is a teenager!

She has for a long time joined in the bedtime prayers with "Please bless Lindsey, and Leah, and Gracie."  Two of her friends and her best buddy cousin.  Then last week she started adding to our little litany,  "St. Gracie, pray for us.  And bless normal Gracie!"  which then erupts in a fit of giggles by all of the boys.  Yet, so very sweet!

Some of her favorite ruminations revolve on what her new baby brother should be named.  So far Liz has chosen Day-Lin, Luke Pear, and Alfred.  On different days, of course.

Today, she was spinning and dancing ballerina-like while Nathan practiced the piano.  She stops and runs up to Ken and says, "Spinning really makes me love my parents!"  And back to spinning she went.  I just thought that "parents" was an interesting choice instead of Mom and Dad.  I can see how spinning might just make me feel  love, too!

On a side note, Liz happens to be Nick's favorite person right now.  Except he calls her, "Wizzie!"  Which is very sweet.  They have this little conversation that goes on in the car (she sits behind him so he can't see her very well)... Nick will say, "Wizzie" and Liz will respond, "What, Nick?"  to which he responds, "What, Wizzie! What?"  and this will go on, back and forth for some time.  They both seem to be just fine with this conversation and accept it as such!

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