March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday.

Just a quick note on getting our Lenten activities going. 

First, Stations of the Cross.  I printed these here and laminated them and hot glued them on party-pack votives.  The votives I bought (I was going cheap at the time!) were too small to just glue the labels on. Thus, the laminating and hot glue.  Which actually, works pretty well--they are durable and the hot glue actually came off this year but it was really easy to just re-glue them.

We have a couple of books, and we print off coloring pages every year.

Second, crown of thorns--I posted about this last year.  A very positive tradition!

Third, almsgiving.  We usually participate in our parish's rice bowl.  I'm not sure what else we'll do yet this year!  Hopefully we can decide tonight.

That's it for now!  Oh, and here's last year's Ash Wednesday post!  So much more fitting! :)

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