March 24, 2011

Birthday Boys.

Nick is happy to be two.

Jacob celebrating six.
Jacob and Nicholas have birthdays that are 7 days apart.  So, this year it worked out to combine their family party into one big ol' shebang.  I was worried that with so many people here for a birthday and two kids opening presents that it would be crazy.  Thankfully, the weather was awesome.  Jacob picked an easy "cake" this year--cookie cake. There was a trip to the creek.      Sneak-into-base after dark.  Party-goers hung around until almost 11pm.  And, both birthday boys had a great time.  I'm really thankful that everything went as well as it did!
Trains, trains and more trains for Nick.
Legos in abundance for Jacob.  He got a little shy while opening presents!

Happy birthday my March boys!  You both are so special and bring us all delight!

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