March 11, 2011

Project Simplify: Week One.

So, I jumped into Simple Mom's Project: Simplify and it was fun!  This week's challenge was my wardrobe and closet.  I really enjoyed this because it was on my mind as a "to-do" but I never really got to it.


I could barely get to my clothes because of the stuff piled on the floor!  My closet tends to be a dumping ground for the "I-don't-know-where-it-goes" and then I'm stepping and tripping over everything.  And the shelf up top was barely used except for a few hodge-podge items thrown up there.


Now, I don't think that my after picture quite does my redone closet justice!  And, it is really hard to get a pic of the closet!  Up on the shelf, from left to right--a basket for baby items as I find them, a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child items, on top of that short-sleeve shirts I didn't hang up, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts and shorts/skirts.  Hanging I have almost everything else I own.  Church clothes, jeans, summer t-shirts (some of them I still wear), fleece jackets (I like layers!), sweaters, and then maternity clothes--winter and summer.  I went ahead and got out the short sleeve maternity shirts since I'll be needing them soon (I hope it warms up soon!).

All this re-organizing and de-cluttering gave me ample room on the floor.  I can stand there and ponder what to wear with out feeling claustrophobic.  And I now have a home for my toolbox (yes, every mom needs her own toolbox).

Of course, I did go through everything in my dresser as well--and what is left in there is nicely folded and stuff I actually wear.  But I'm not going to show you a picture of that! :)  All in all, I had one bag of trash and almost two full garbage bags of giveaway.

Now, if my husband would do his side of the closet.....

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