March 2, 2011

Sad day.

Today, our sweet Blossom died.  This was the most recent picture I had of her.  Two stray dogs got her and my poor kids saw it.  I ran out to intervene but I was too late.  She was a good kitty.  She leaves us with fond memories and happy times.  Liz especially enjoyed having her around--and Blossom happily tolerated being toted, crated, cuddled, smooshed and chased.  Blossom had just gotten in the habit of sleeping on Nathan's bunk, which made him feel special.  She would often follow the kids on trails or hang out with them with they were playing in the woods.  I'm not the super-mushy type when it comes to animals but it is very, very sad to see a pet that brought so much joy end their life in such a tragic way.  So, this post is just a little reminder of the joy that one of God's small creatures brought to our lives.

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