March 31, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook--Out like a lion.

End-of-March edition:  March 31, 2011

Outside my window...partly cloudy, some sun peeking through.  Frost, and I mean serious frost, on the ground this morning.  But the temps are warming so the day promises to be tolerable.

I am thinking...that no one told March it was supposed to come in like a lion, not out like one.  After a week of glorious 70 degree temps, this snow and cold is miserable!  I can't take it!  I am so ready for spring.  Not to mention all of the things that are hinging on good weather in order to get done.

I am thankful husband, who as usual, is working his butt off.  Especially since most of the work he's been doing is really just to make me happy.  Keep him in your prayers for the next 9 weeks! :)

From the learning rooms...we are trudging through, trying to get done before this baby gets here.  Starting a Holy Eucharist lapbook with Patrick this week.

From the kitchen...finishing off the last of the freezer meals.  And it is the end of the month so, there isn't much to choose from.  Trying to use what we have but that doesn't make for much excitement!

I am maternity pants, maroon top, and a hoodie.

I am creating...a baby.  And that is pretty much all I have the energy for!

I am going...oh who knows?  Piano tomorrow if Nathan gets some more practice in.  I really have a half-dozen little errands to run but just don't feel motivated to do it.  Partially, it is being tired and partially, it is the weather.

I am reading...the bible.  Trying to get caught up on my bible-a-day schedule--I'm way behind.  Lots of baby books.

I am hoping...for good weather.  The chicken coop depends on it.  The garden depends on it.  My sanity depends on it!

I am hearing...Thomas the Train on dvd.  Nick has a cold and that was the only thing that made him happy.

Around the house...a disaster.  Everything is a mess.  I have failed in my Project: Simplicity attempts.  Two birthdays, 11 chicks, 6 (now) puppies, 5 kids and a big belly pretty much drain me every day.  :)  I did attempt to deep clean the boys' room.  I got halfway through it and bailed.  I suppose that is something.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some major nesting to kick in!

One of my favorite things...puppies.  They are so darn cute.  But I am not going to miss them when they're gone!  Feedings three times a day and play time outside and cleaning up after them---whew!  We are keeping one, but I hope that is much easier than 6.  They are cute.  Follow you everywhere, so happy to see you, bouncy little antics.

A few plans for the rest of the week...hopefully, some help with the coop over the weekend.  These chicks need out of my basement.  Puppies going to their new homes, yay!  Actually starting my seeds, maybe getting some garden tilled for the seed potatoes, strawberries and lilac bushes that showed up yesterday!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Nathan on Puppy Patrol yesterday morning.  See that white stuff at the bottom of the slide?  Icy snow.  Ugh.  At least Nathan was happy about it!  We consoled ourselves with (hopefully) the last fire of the season and hot chocolate!

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