April 13, 2011

'Round here...

Just a little update on what's been going on around here.  A whole lot.  Well, it feels like a whole lot at any rate!  And Blogger isn't being very helpful with me getting anything posted--it seems that I finally have a minute and I can't get logged in for some reason.  Anyhow....


I project:failed.  I just couldn't keep up.  It was all going on at the height of puppy-rearing and I just couldn't do it.  I attempted the cleaning of my pantry--I got one little shelf done.  I attempted the cleaning of my boys' room--um, yeah.  I got two garbage bags of trash/one giveaway and quit.  But, on a brighter note--this week I have organized my hall linen closet (complete with tags!), gone through the toy bins in the loft, almost finished with my bath closet and started on Nick's room.  I have at least 5 bags of giveaway stuff in my room, 1 bag of garbage, and a whole bin of recycling from just this week.  Can you say nesting, anyone?


Finally, finally in their coop--as of today.  Yay!  The coop is nowhere near "done" but it is good enough for me.  The basement has finally gotten to the point of "reeking" because those poor chicks had so little room.  But, now they are out and happy and enjoying the sunshine.  Oh, and we're pretty sure that one of our pullets is actually a rooster.


Ah, yes, the last eight weeks of my life have been consumed with animal care.  Especially puppy care.  Having puppies for the first time is a bit like have a newborn for the first time--every new stage is a little overwhelming.  For example, when your baby crawls for the first time you realize just how un-baby-proofed your house is.  Same thing with puppies.  Just when you think all is good, they can get out of whatever box you have them in.  Or they suddenly need 3 meals a day instead of two.  Or whatever.  It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for all of us but I'm glad it is over!  The last of the puppies went to their new homes a week ago--so we just have our one little puppy left.  Which means the workload is more managable.

Speaking of our puppy, the kids have named her Leia (lay-uh).  As in Princess Leia of Star Wars fame.  She was originally known at birth as heart puppy.  Don't dare call her Princess though.  That is way too frilly for the boys!


I have seedlings started in the basement---tomatoes (3 kinds), morning glories, cucumber, squash, thumbergia, watermelon, cantaloupe.  I don't know what else!  They are doing so-so.  I planted my potatoes out last weekend--I've never had great luck with potatoes but we'll see how it goes this year.  Digging those trenches for the potatoes about killed me.  I also put in 50 strawberry plants the weekend before that.  I also put in some perennials this weekend (my husband was thrilled to see some color at the garden center!) in the front beds.


Trying to finish up the year.  I'm losing my resolve--so many other things on my mind! Jacob finished his Kindergarten math book today.  Nathan has 20 lessons to go in his.  Patrick has a few more than that.  Because I switched gears in the middle of November in language arts--I'm going to base my end date on when Math is completed.  It isn't realistic to finish the workbooks this year.  We'll pick up over the summer when we can.  We had a goal of doing 25 states in our Geography scrapbook--we're through 16.  Not terrible but I'm not sure we'll get to them all.  Whatever we don't get to--we'll start with next year.  I'm realizing that I need to come to terms with that--that my school time will need to come to an end before the baby and that we might not get it all done.  There is no sense stressing about it.  And, I've always said that God has blessed us with new life and God will give us grace to not suffer academically because of it.  And we never have!


Lent--whew!  I think I have been so busy I barely feel like it is Lent.  Not that sacrifices aren't being made.  Just that I don't feel as in tune with the season as I usually do.  I think the warm weather doesn't help--I'm used to Lent being cold and dreary! :)  I'm looking forward to the upcoming Holy Week to give me focus.

Patrick is preparing for his First Holy Communion on May 1st.  We started a lapbook last week in addition to the normal studies.  This coming weekend is his last PSR class.  He is getting really excited and so am I.  When one of your children receives a sacrament, it is just so wonderful.  I can't wait!

Baby, baby.

Up until last week, I went through most of my days not even entirely realizing I'm pregnant.  If that makes any sense.  The crazy, busy, hectic schedule has kept me from even really thinking about it.  But my continually burgeoning belly and the bigger baby movements of rolls and stretches are making it more apparent every day.  And the insistent braxton hicks contractions.  I move a lot slower than I used to---complicating all of those categories above!

The need to prepare for this new little one really hit these past two weeks.  I think I was walking down the baby aisle at the grocery store and it occurred to me that I had no idea if there was anything I needed to buy!  I pulled all the appropriate totes of baby stuff out and I'm trying to get my bedroom cleaned up so I can sort, stack, wash and organize.  I really am not too stressed about it all--call it 6th baby syndrome!  But I do know that the next 6 weeks are incredibly hectic with Easter (two--one for each side of the family), sacraments (two First Communions--Patrick's and my neice), Mother's Day (looking forward to that as well!), and Elizabeth's birthday.  Then we hit Memorial Day.  Whoa, Nelly!

So, I have 7 or 8 weeks left till my due date.  We have no boy name picked out.  It still seems slightly surreal to me that there will be a new baby here soon!  I am looking forward to sitting on the deck or the front porch swing this summer, holding a baby, watching the kids run around and just hanging out.  I'm really looking forward to that!

Until next time...

That is about it.  Busy, busy.  But all in good ways.  And thanking the Lord everyday that I am so blessed.  Blessed especially with some wonderful and cute kids.  Thankful for them even if they wear their muddy boots in the house!   Thankful for my wonderful husband who has been working every available minute on something... mainly that chicken coop.  And who has been working to ebb my panic attacks over all sorts of things--chickens, puppies, you know, the usual stuff.  :)

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