May 10, 2011

Baby update.

I am officially 35 weeks and 5 days today--and according to that ticker waaaayyy down at the bottom, I only have 30 days to go.  Crazy!  This has been a pregnancy that has definately flown by.

I spent my mother's day evening in L&D being monitored because I was a typical clumsy pregnant lady and fell smack on my belly.  I was working in the garden and had a plant in one hand, a shovel in the other and managed to trip on some sticks the kids left laying in the yard.  I didn't have time to get my hands under me.  So, after 2 ultrasounds and 24 hours of  being hooked up to a fetal monitor, I finally am home and baby seems good.

But now, I am a worrywart!

I am, of course, sore and scraped up.  The biggest concern with the fall was placental abruption.  I worry now that something is going to go wrong and I'm not going to know in time!  Because, with a placental abruption, it doesn't always happen right away.  I really did not like sitting in the hospital all that time while my family is home without me (it is different when you have a new baby to hold!).  But, it was reassuring to always be hearing that heartbeat!

I'm just going to keep praying that this little one is doing just fine and that God will give me the grace to know when something isn't okay.

And, we've really really got to come up with a name! :)

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