May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Happy 4th Birthday, Elizabeth!  You have grown so much in the last year.  You constantly amaze me with your sweetness and I think that you are possibly the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world! 

You have big ideas especially when it comes to your birthday.  You wanted a purple cake and it had to say "Happy Birthday" and it had to have your name on it so everyone would know it was yours!  And you really really wanted a castle cake.  Thankfully, you were thrilled with the final product and gazed at it all morning and you handled it really well when your little brother ate half the letters off of it.  :)  And then, you really didn't eat any of just had ice cream!

When you opened your presents, your standard response was a very excited "Thank you" and "Oh! OH! It is just what I've always wanted!"  To  I love your zest and exuberance!

You had a fantastic day.  You had it all:  a purple cake, lots of wonderful presents, crafts with cousins, and most of all you had your favorite friend Gracie to spend the day with.  We love you, Elizabeth!  And we love celebrating your life with you.  May God bless you this year!

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