May 27, 2011

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round button chicken

I've never participated in this before...but have always wanted to do so!  So here goes....

A bouquet for Mom from some sweet boys--I love the colors together!

A princess who needs her beauty sleep. Notice the tiara she is snuggled with!

The number of pictures of lego creations I have stored on my hard drive.
This is one of one thousand or something like that.
Good memories--I can't imagine the day that doesn't involve legos but I know it will come.
Hopefully, not soon.

Yes, that is disgusting.  We had two, yes I say, TWO seals go bad on toilets this week.
How is that possible?
This was the worst--see all the yucky ruined wood?  Apparently, it had been leaking for awhile.
It is a testament to my husband's plumbing skills that he fixed it the way it should have been done to begin with.  And yes, the builder has heard our complaint and unfortunately, the wood will have to be replaced.


  1. I miss wood floors until there's a water leak! Take care of yourself this last part of your pregnancy, how very exciting to be mom to 6! God bless!

  2. I love flowers from little boys. :) Toilet rings? Not so much. lol

    I noticed you're about to meet #6... congratulations! Ours is now 6 months old. Life is so good and beautiful. (And crazy... but in a good way, eh?)
    God bless you all!

  3. Whenever I see a wax seal at the hardware store I think of Ken. He's the only person I know who has ever replaced one or had one go bad. He told me that it's pretty disgusting and I'm pretty sure that's why it stuck in my brain.

  4. Ken hates anything with toilets--finds it utterly deplorable and disgusting. Add in a sticky, smelly wax seal--yuck. And, like I said, thankfully he can fix such things because I'm sure I'd mess it up. :)