June 29, 2011

This is Peter.

This is Peter.
Makes you want to scoop him up, huh?
He really doesn't like to be awake and when he is--he often looks (and sounds) like this.
It isn't his fault.
He's not used to having to ask for food.
Or trying to find his own hand (it was just always right there before...).
He is happiest when snuggled in bed.
With Mom.
Of course.

Occasionally, you get this look.
Like he is really just soaking up the world.
Or has many great thoughts.
But this is rare.
You have to enjoy these moments when you get them.

Most of the time, even when quiet and semi-content, you have this.
That little furrow in the brow.
The intent furrow.
The furrow that says--I'm an intense little guy.

The one where he was going to say something.
Or spit up.

At any rate, I have a song for Peter.
"Peter, Peter, nothing's sweeter!"
Isn't that the truth? :)

June 24, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook.

For the month of June.

Outside my window...it is grey and cloudy and a bit rainy.  Last year at this time, we were in the middle of high heat and drought.  This year, some of my plants are suffering from too much rain (I think we have had somewhere around 40 inches of rain so far this year--18 inches more than normal).

I am thinking...about things I need to do--reorganize the school closet, sell or donate Liz's clothes from last year, mop the floor.  But I think they are all going to have to wait a few more weeks.

I am thankful...for the rain.  We are fortunate enough to not have to worry about flooding.  And we just planted grass seed (crazy thing to do in June--but the guy was just able to level the backyard two weeks ago).  So, every day of rain is one day I don't have to water that grass seed--a couple of acres of it.  And the grass needs to be there so we a) don't have mud and b) don't have erosion.  At least until the clover takes over!

I am also thankful for new babies who keep my arms full and my days busy.

From the learning rooms...we are still. muddling. through.  Nathan still has a few lessons of math to finish, he just can't seem to focus on getting them done.  So, one or two a week for the rest of the summer, I guess!  And, Patrick needs remedial help with phonics.  So, we are working on that a bit at a time as well.  Which seems like a lot right now!

In the kitchen...I'm back to cooking.  Last night I made a stellar dinner of Asian BBQ chicken (out of the freezer), corn on the cob, red potatoes, and italian bread ...all on the grill.  That is my kind of dinner!  So, what's tonight?  I haven't the faintest idea.  Spaghetti?  Sounds gross.  :)

I am wearing...jogging pants, a blue t-shirt, a grey, hooded jacket and a ponytail.  With socks.  It is a bit chilly in the house today!

I am creating...not a thing!  I would love to create something... but I have no idea what.  And no time right now anyway... check back next month!

I am going...nowhere today.  We were supposed to go to a friend's house today but Nathan was up in the middle of the night with a stomach bug so that has been postponed until next week.

I am wondering...about school for next year.  To start Liz in K or not?  What to do for Literature for Nathan?  History?  Science?  How much is this going to cost me?  Should I start selling things?  :)  I so look forward to ordering books but not paying for them!

I am reading...blogs and that is about it.

I am hoping...that little Peter gets into a good daytime routine in the next few weeks.  He is a great sleeper at night, it is just the daytime that he is fussy --he doesn't much like to be awake!

I am looking forward to...4th of July, we'll be having a big party and then Peter's baptism on July 10th, and sometime soon--fresh eggs from the chickens.

I am hearing...Liz trying to help Jacob build a paper airplane with a straw.  The baby monitor.  The chest freezer gurgling.

Around the house...the chickens need nest boxes, the potatoes need more dirt, we still have many rooms unpainted, the list goes on and on for possibly forever.  Does anyone have a house that is "done"? 

I am pondering...what to do with little girls...sometimes I'm at a loss for ideas in this department!

One of my favorite things...my chest freezer.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I'm so boring, I have no plans.  But I'm sure something will come up!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Peter at 3 weeks.
The only way we get through the afternoons--with a sling and a binky!

Visit Peggy for more daybooks!

June 23, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

It seems the only posts I have these days are PHFR!  But you know how that goes--a baby in one arm and a toddler on the knee... typing is limited! :)


My hydrangea which managed to bloom in spite of the constant abuse of the porch swing falling on it in storms!


3 boys who got to go to a baseball game with their dad and cousins.
The funny thing is that they all wore these same clothes to a family birthday party the next day and I didn't notice!  oops!


The rooster giving me the evil eye.
Keep it up, buddy, and you'll be soup!

Boys and puddles.
See all those things floating in there?
Ant boats with, yes, live ants.
I cannot guarantee that no ants were harmed in the taking of this picture!


My garden being overtaken by weeds.
From left to right:  corn, WEEDS (supposed to be beans), tomatoes (my husband diligently weeded between them), squash/watermelon/cantaloupe.

Then, potatoes and strawberries totally overrun with clover and weeds.
And, finally, the one reclaimed strawberry bed--that took my husband a whole day in the hot sun to save!

I'm thinking this wasn't the best year to a) plant a garden at all and b) expand it altogether!
But, that is just real life with a baby and I will be thankful for whatever produce we get.

BTW--Anyone know how to make a photo collage?  I can't stand trying to put photos side-by-side in blogger.  It never comes out right!

June 10, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}--one week old edition

round button chicken

Trying to capture a picture of my newborn babe--I got us both all snuggled.  Pretty bad that I had to take it myself--Ken was busy sleeping.  He was worn out and all.... :) I like it because I look happy, and well... I was!

A baby brother's inauguration into the world of Star Wars.  It is such a happy thing to see all these boys in your family just love to hold their baby brother (to the point that I have to sometimes tell them "no"--the baby needs to eat!).  And to hold their brother while watching Star Wars?  Even better.

 The longest, skinniest feet ever.  And Peter likes to hold them straight out as stretched out as possible.  Ken asked Peter one night on the couch if he had such long, skinny feet because he wanted to play basketball...and he smiled in his sleep so we think that is "yes."

A two year old who suddenly hit the amazing and terrible "twos" with full force the week before his brother was born.  It raged into tornadic properties the week after.  Here, he is collapsed on the rug after a major meltdown of unprecedented proportions.  I am always surprised by the intensity that being two is---one day you have a sweet, even-tempered child who can manage his emotions and goes to bed happily.  The next, everything erupts into a screaming fit and not only will they not take a nap but forget bedtime as well!  Big emotions are even harder with big changes.

June 5, 2011


Peter James
born 6/2 at 1:54 PM
8 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long
blond hair, blue eyes, and super soft!

We are so pleased he is finally here with us.
We're busy loving him--more soon. 
Thanks be to God for this wonderful gift of new life!