June 10, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}--one week old edition

round button chicken

Trying to capture a picture of my newborn babe--I got us both all snuggled.  Pretty bad that I had to take it myself--Ken was busy sleeping.  He was worn out and all.... :) I like it because I look happy, and well... I was!

A baby brother's inauguration into the world of Star Wars.  It is such a happy thing to see all these boys in your family just love to hold their baby brother (to the point that I have to sometimes tell them "no"--the baby needs to eat!).  And to hold their brother while watching Star Wars?  Even better.

 The longest, skinniest feet ever.  And Peter likes to hold them straight out as stretched out as possible.  Ken asked Peter one night on the couch if he had such long, skinny feet because he wanted to play basketball...and he smiled in his sleep so we think that is "yes."

A two year old who suddenly hit the amazing and terrible "twos" with full force the week before his brother was born.  It raged into tornadic properties the week after.  Here, he is collapsed on the rug after a major meltdown of unprecedented proportions.  I am always surprised by the intensity that being two is---one day you have a sweet, even-tempered child who can manage his emotions and goes to bed happily.  The next, everything erupts into a screaming fit and not only will they not take a nap but forget bedtime as well!  Big emotions are even harder with big changes.

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