June 23, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

It seems the only posts I have these days are PHFR!  But you know how that goes--a baby in one arm and a toddler on the knee... typing is limited! :)


My hydrangea which managed to bloom in spite of the constant abuse of the porch swing falling on it in storms!


3 boys who got to go to a baseball game with their dad and cousins.
The funny thing is that they all wore these same clothes to a family birthday party the next day and I didn't notice!  oops!


The rooster giving me the evil eye.
Keep it up, buddy, and you'll be soup!

Boys and puddles.
See all those things floating in there?
Ant boats with, yes, live ants.
I cannot guarantee that no ants were harmed in the taking of this picture!


My garden being overtaken by weeds.
From left to right:  corn, WEEDS (supposed to be beans), tomatoes (my husband diligently weeded between them), squash/watermelon/cantaloupe.

Then, potatoes and strawberries totally overrun with clover and weeds.
And, finally, the one reclaimed strawberry bed--that took my husband a whole day in the hot sun to save!

I'm thinking this wasn't the best year to a) plant a garden at all and b) expand it altogether!
But, that is just real life with a baby and I will be thankful for whatever produce we get.

BTW--Anyone know how to make a photo collage?  I can't stand trying to put photos side-by-side in blogger.  It never comes out right!


  1. I don't have a baby in the house, and I even have three "big kids" to help in our garden and it still hard to control the weeds. So I can bet it is hard on you!

  2. Here is a link to a good photo collage:


    What a Beautiful World is my favorite all time song. My father who I lost last year, it was his favorite, we danced to it, for our father daughter dance. I have been missing him a lot lately...Maybe with Father's Day?

    We are going to raise chickens this year, maybe not the best idea, since I starting homeschool too. We relocated our garden, it has great dirt and all, easy to access and everything....I still have yet to plant anything. Maybe next week?

    I love the ant boats, made me laugh, I needed a laugh today. Actually I needed to laugh today, I have already had plenty to laugh at....beginning with myself.


  3. "Keep it up, buddy, and you'll be soup!" Ok, that made me laugh out loud!!! Love it!!!
    The boys and the ants are awesome too! I'm expecting my first boy after 4 girls in a row, so I find this kind of thing to be such a foreign kind of play! My girls were playing outside this morning, but they were running a bakery with mud cookies. Totally different. hehe

    (Also, if I want to make a photo collage, I use photobucket. Not sure if their is a fancier choice out there, but it works for me!)

    I loved your post. :-)

  4. Love the ant boats! Brings back memories of when my big guy was younger and his entertainment was often at the possible expense of an ant life or two!

    Blessings, Debbie