June 29, 2011

This is Peter.

This is Peter.
Makes you want to scoop him up, huh?
He really doesn't like to be awake and when he is--he often looks (and sounds) like this.
It isn't his fault.
He's not used to having to ask for food.
Or trying to find his own hand (it was just always right there before...).
He is happiest when snuggled in bed.
With Mom.
Of course.

Occasionally, you get this look.
Like he is really just soaking up the world.
Or has many great thoughts.
But this is rare.
You have to enjoy these moments when you get them.

Most of the time, even when quiet and semi-content, you have this.
That little furrow in the brow.
The intent furrow.
The furrow that says--I'm an intense little guy.

The one where he was going to say something.
Or spit up.

At any rate, I have a song for Peter.
"Peter, Peter, nothing's sweeter!"
Isn't that the truth? :)

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