July 14, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

I don't know that this is technically "pretty"--but having all your kids look semi-normal in one picture is pretty to a mama!


First smiles caught mid-stream.
He is six weeks old today and weighed 10lbs at his appointment this week.
Peter's actual first smile was July 3rd.
I'll take anything I can get!

My pyromaniac husband at the 4th of July.
He puts on a great show with his brothers every year!
They crack me up with how giddy they are at lighting up even the smallest things like bottle rockets.
And then... there are the artillery shells!

I was geared up and ready to try some of these zucchini recipes in the latest issue of "Out Here"--
Tractor Supply's magazine (gourmet, I know).

But, I am out of eggs! 
To the fridge with the grated zucchini!
So much for that half hour I had with a sleeping baby....


  1. what a sweet baby...and I hear you about running out of eggs- right now, there's lots of banana waiting to be used up in the frezer

  2. love it! I can completely relate to the picture of all the kids. I consider it a victory if no one is crying and they are all looking in the same general direction. :)

    (And from looking around your blog, I can see that our kids are of very similar ages. Fun!)

  3. LOVE the kid picture!

    YES it is pretty!