August 23, 2011

Book Review--Weightless.

Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body
The Catholic Company recently gave me the opportunity to read Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body by Kate Wicker.  This book addresses those body image issues that most women struggle with--and how we base our self-worth on what we see in the mirror or on the scale.  (How is it that most men don't have these struggles?)  I have really been looking forward to reading this book, and it did not disappoint.  Mostly, I have been looking forward to this book because I've been struggling with reconciling my real self to my "ideal" self.  Or rather, the unattainable, wordly, love-me-cuz-I'm-skinny self.  And, logically, I know this isn't healthy.  But, boy, is it great to have someone walk me through it and remind me of all the things my logical side is arguing to my emotional side!  My husband is always trying to convince me to just be happy with myself, and I'm trying, I really am.

First of all, let me say that I think that Kate Wicker is courageous.  She shares her pain in this book as a means of helping readers let go of theirs.  I don't think I could have been as forthright as she is.  Though I think that as women, we all have our own struggles it is the emotions surrounding those struggles that are universal.  It is through those universal emotions that Kate shares where we can see we aren't struggling alone.  We have God and our beautiful, universal Church to help us through it all!

There are eight chapters in Weightless.  At the end of each chapter there are three sections: Soul Food, Meditation, and For Your Reflection.  I love all the biblical and saintly quotes in Soul Food--I'd like to go through and copy a lot of them down as encouragement!  Meditation is just that, something to think about.  For Your Reflection is a section of questions to answer for yourself.  Questions to help you get down to the bottom of your personal food and body image issues.

I'm not really much of a self-help book person.  Yet, I couldn't help myself--I just read this book straight through the first time.  I kept saying, "yes, exactly! yes!" the whole way through.  I can't wait to share this book with friends.  But first, I want to go back and go through it chapter by chapter and answer all the questions for myself.  It isn't so much that this book is going to "fix" you--this book wants to help you on your journey.  And with a Catholic approach to boot!  Kate really did a wonderful job writing Weightless and I would recommend this book to every woman I know.

You can find Weightless at The Catholic Company and you can read more from Kate Wicker at her blog.

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