August 29, 2011


Happy Birthday, Patrick.  Nine years old!  I can't believe it.  You have "baby labels" for all the kids in the house.  Nathan was the first and sometimes the "bounciest,"  Jacob was the "chubbiest," and you were the "peacefulest."  And that is still true today (most of the time).  You were the only toddler we could put in bed totally awake and you would stay there.  On a mattress on the floor.  We used to wonder if you thought you couldn't get out of bed.  But, of course, you had Nathan as your sleepmate so you were happy.
This is when Nathan came to meet you when you were born.
He was a little more interested in the cookie.

You were a beautiful baby!

You've always been our Lego guy.  You have, for years and years, spent hours on end building, creating, playing and destroying Legos.  You used to build a new lego set, take it apart, and try and rebuild it from memory.  So, it only made sense to finally give you a Lego birthday party.  I don't know what took us so long!!

You had a lego brick cake, lego minifigure chocolates, and lego candy bricks.  Of course, there were lots of legos for presents!

Happy Ninth Birthday, Patrick!  It was a grand day for a wonderful boy!

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  1. Aw, lovely tribute to your son! Happy Birthday! Legos are big in our house, too... don't you just love stepping on them! ;) My 7 y/o, though, is the Lego freak, and I made him a Lego Man cake a couple years ago. Not an easy task but worth it. The brick cakes were a great idea, too! +JMJ+