August 16, 2011

Summer Rewards!

At the beginnning of the summer, I realized I needed some motivation to get my kids to help me.  Pretty much I spent all of my time bouncing a beautiful, yet fussy, baby.  Which meant that nothing else was getting done.  And if nothing gets done in a family of eight--things around here get pretty bad pretty quickly!  So, I instituted a points system that was totally arbitrary. 

I needed the laundry folded--who wants to earn two points?  I needed someone to play with Nick while I attempted to make dinner--who wants to earn a point?

Well, the kids jumped right on this and were excited to earn points for some sort of reward.  Originally, the goal was 10 points and you could get an ice cream or something.   They weren't too crazy about that.  So...we bumped the prize level up to 25 points and I purchased something to earn their way towards.

The first, and most eager, to earn 25 was Nathan.  The reward up for grabs was this Lego Star Wars book which we have checked out of the library over and over.  He was very happy to have his own copy!

The second to earn was Jacob and he earned this very cute Lego police set.  And, I have to say, he worked really hard to get it!

Patrick was a little more reluctant about this whole point-earning thing.  More discriminating about what he would do for a point.  But, finally, he reached the goal and earned this Star Wars Lego set.

Overall, I think it was a very successful program for the summer and got us over that new-baby hump without me having to endlessly harass the kids to help me!  And, the kids were able to work hard and earn some fun new things.

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