September 14, 2011

It was, after all, our Twelfth...

Anniversary, that is.  And it was almost two weeks ago.  A pretty big deal, and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it!

Weren't we cute way back then?  :)  It was a happy, exciting time... and we had no idea just how great life was going to continue to be!  No idea that we would be blessed with six beautiful children.  God is so good!  I am thankful everyday that He brought us together and has built this beautiful family.

As always, my husband remembered flowers!  They were a beautiful mix of roses, lillies, astralomeria, and chrysanthemums.  His parents are really good at recognizing the anniversaries of their children by taking the grandkids for an overnight stay.  The grandkids love it because they get a thorough, proper, much-needed spoiling and of course, Ken and I love it because it is a lovely way to enjoy each other.  This year, we had little Pete with us so our options were limited for what kinds of things we could do.  We had dinner at PF Changs, which I had never been to, did a little shopping (I felt a bit like an old married couple--shopping on our anniversary!), and headed home to watch a movie.  We got up the next morning (after sleeping waaaayy in) and attended Mass together.

After picking up the kids, we had a family celebration!  We ordered pizza and played games.  Nathan managed to win Risk!  All in all, a fantastic weekend and a great way to remember the blessings we have as a couple and a family.

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  1. Very nice! Happy Anniversary! We recently celebrated 27 years... yikes! I was a babe when we married. ;) +JMJ+