September 2, 2011

Three Months...

...and it seems like yesterday that Peter was born!

Three months old today...I can't believe it.  Three months isn't that long.  But yet, it is.  And, I cannot believe just how much he has settled down in the last couple of weeks.  He is a happy baby!  Such a delight to his momma, mostly because I can sigh a breath of relief that yes, he is okay and yes, I must be taking good care of him!
He really enjoys being "up" and seeing the world around him.  He still loves to be carried around but is definately settling into a bit of a rhythm--sleep times and awake times and only a few times (evening mostly) of crying.  He's getting really good with his hands and yet, finds himself a bit frustrated because he can't quite get the rings/toy he's managed to grab into his mouth. 
He is a very long baby--25+inches and about 13 lbs right now.  And cute as can be. I think he gets cuter and cuter everyday.  I love that he has lots and lots of smiles for me these days!


  1. Cute stuff! Love the dimple! +JMJ+

  2. What a handsome, happy baby! You can see the smile in his eyes. So sweet.