October 14, 2011

The Adventures of Hammie.

This is Hammie.

I think a hamster has to be very special and very loved in order to warrant it's own blog post!  And, Hammie is both of those things.  Hammie is Patrick's hamster.  Like most hamsters I've known, Hammie is an escape artist.  The best of the best.  I like to call him Houdini Hammie.  But, the kids really don't get who Houdini is so... it is lost on them.

Hammie really likes his ball.  Patrick got him for doing a good job with some cavities.

We've had two instances now where Hammie has escaped and I've really really worried that he was dead or lost forever.  Patrick was so worried he wouldn't even look for Hammie.  The first time, I turned the house upside down looking for that hamster!  I was worried that I would step on him in the middle of the night because he blends into the carpet upstairs.  I kept telling the kids, look in baskets, look in the basement, Hammie is stuck somewhere and he can't get out.  Did they listen to me?  No, of course not.

So, on the evening of the third day, I ask Ken, please, please go look in the basement for Hammie.  Little Peter needed his mom, so I couldn't do it.  I just lay in bed nursing Peter and prayed to St. Anthony.  The next thing I know, Ken is running up the stairs with a garbage can.  Who is in it?  One very wet, scared, pee-covered little Hammie.  I was so excited I jumped out of bed and immediately gave him a bath in the sink.

Ken says he went down stairs to the basement and he listened.  And sure enough he heard a little scratching sound.  And he started looking and thinking and saw this pvc-pipe thing I rigged up awhile ago for holding my light for seedlings.  He looked at that and thought, it looks a lot like Hammie's little tunnels, surely Hammie might like something like that.  Sure enough, there was a warm spot in it.  And a little scratching noise.  And, by this time, Ken is really praying that this is Hammie--and not some other warm-blooded rodent!  Hammie it was.  Poor thing got in and couldn't get out.

I wasn't so much as thrilled about Hammie being found as I was thrilled that my dear Patrick's heart would be spared this time.  He loves Hammie.  Patrick is fond of bringing Hammie out at parties and showing off his "tricks"!  

Hammie got lost once more in the basement.  But this time, we had a harder time finding him even though we suspected he was down there.  And this time, the cat was down there and I was really worried the cat had sealed Hammie's fate.  But, thankfully, we found him in a backpack that was in an aquarium.  Go figure.  Silly hamster!  But, we've figured out that if we can keep little fingers from leaving the cage open and we tape down all the parts he can get open--we can mostly keep him contained.

Hammie has one more adventure in store.  This time he is going to Grandma's house!  Hopefully, this time he behaves himself.

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