October 26, 2011

Hoover Dam

The last day of our trip was from Henderson, NV to Los Angeles.  We picked Henderson as a stopping point so that we could swing by the Hoover Dam.  I was really impressed!  One thing I never knew about the Dam was that the major function is to provide water to the areas downstream, including Los Angeles.  Mostly for agriculture.  I thought that producing electricity was the primary function but that is just an added benefit.

 We took the short tour (the younger kids weren't allowed on the longer one but I think it would have been very cool).  We got to see the turbines on our tour, which Ken was very excited about.  Nick was mostly excited about the fact that the tour guides let him push the buttons on the elevator.  Liz didn't want to do any of it at all!
 All of the views from the Hoover Dam are magnificent!
We had a great day there and really enjoyed learning all about it.

We left there about 2pm thinking that the short 4 hour trip to LA would be perfect.  Um, boy, were we wrong!  Apparently, everyone who goes to Las Vegas for the weekend and is returning home to LA is on the same main road.  A 4 hour trip took us 6 and a half.  Ugh!  But, we made it!  We managed to traval across the country in 4 days and not want to pull our hair out by the end.  :)

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