October 11, 2011

It was my birthday!

I really don't think I need to say how old I am!! :) But, I had a great birthday. Ken and I always say we have birthday "weekends"--there is just so much fun to be had and traditions we like to follow.  For my birthday weekend, we usually go apple picking or pumpkin picking.

Look at all those candles! Count them if you can!  We spent a great day with Nana (she made me her homemade banana pudding-yum!) and played games. 

Then, we hit Wendell's farm on Sunday.  Liz got to do her favorite thing--ride the pony.  She has talked about it since last year!  This pony's name is Rusty.

Then, we hit the pumpkin patch on the tractor ride and each picked a favorite.  Eight pumpkins is a lot of pumpkins!

Then, we tried to lose the boys in the corn maze but we kept finding them.  Nathan was a little disappointed because we ended up taking the emergency exit!

Ken was trying to tell us all something about corn, like a true country man.  I'm not sure any of us were paying any attention! 

It was a beautiful weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed mysef!  It was a blessing to be able to celebrate my birthday with family.


  1. Happy, happy belated birthday! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. God bless!