October 24, 2011

Phase I: Home to Los Angeles

Phase I:  Home to Los Angeles

We started our trip on a Thursday.  We left home about 2 pm with the ambitious goal of making it to Kansas City that night.  It was a good plan because it meant that everyone slept a lot of the trip.  And that meant fewer stops.  We did stop for dinner at Denny's but that was it.

The next leg of the trip was Kansas City to Denver.  We had breakfast and headed out.  Kansas is a very, very big state!  We stopped for a nice picnic lunch at a rest stop along the way and that was really great--food and leg stretching!

Peter enjoying the sunshine.

Wind turbines were the big excitement through Kansas.

The third day we headed out of Denver and headed for Henderson, Nevada-- just south of Las Vegas.  This was the longest leg of the trip.  And the part that made the drive totally worth it.  The mountains are gorgeous and the entire day was a feast for the eyes.  Again, we stopped for lunch at a rest stop but this time it was along the Colorado River.  We could have spent the whole day playing in the river and walking the bike path.

Mountains!  With snow!

We arrived in Henderson really really late.  Or rather, early in the morning.  I was thankful that since our route took us straight through Las Vegas that all the kids were asleep in the car and didn't see any crazy billboards!  Then at 3am, Liz threw up.  All. over. Peter.  The funny part was that in my sleep, I thought Peter had spit up all over Liz and I kept saying, "Sorry,Liz, Sorry honey....Peter didn't mean it...."  THEN, I realized.... it was the reverse!  And there is nothing like having to call the front desk in the middle of the night to ask for new sheets! 

The fourth day we headed to Hoover Dam for a little sightseeing before making the last leg of the trip.  More on that in the next post!


  1. Except for the throwing up ;), it sounds like a great family adventure! Continued prayers for your safety! God bless

  2. Well, even the vomit adds some excitement to it all... it truly wouldn't be a family trip with out something happening! :) At least, it didn't go through everyone.