November 2, 2011

Five Months!

We interrupt all these travel posts to talk about...Peter!

Such a beautiful, drooly smile!

Peter is five months old today, on this feast of All Souls.  He has been busy too.  While we were travelling, he decided he really wants to eat whatever I have.  It is getting difficult to eat a meal with him in my lap because he grabs everything.  So, he has had little bits of banana and biscuits so far.  And he started really babbling--mostly blah-blah-blah, which is kind of funny, and sometimes da-da-da. 

He is also getting his knees under him and scooching backwards, which means he gets around a room pretty good.  He was the best little traveller!  I've decided that he likes a life on the run, especially one that involves Mom carrying him 24/7 and seeing lots of sights. 

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