November 1, 2011

Laguna Beach.

On Monday night, we had gone to Huntington Beach.  By the time we got there, a thick, cold misty cloud had moved into the area.  And we were unprepared.  We had no coats.  It was dark, windy, and wet.  Half the car was really upset and didn't want to be there.  So, we didn't stay long.  We did have some fleece blankets and we ran around on the beach for a minute.  Huntington Beach is really wide and flat with a nice bike trail but I don't know that it would be my favorite beach.  The distance from the water's edge to the bathrooms by the bike trail would be impossible with small children!  But, we hung out for awhile and then went and had a very nice dinner at Olive Garden.

On Tuesday night, we went to Laguna Beach.  We were a little more prepared for the evening breeze.  It is a scenic and beautiful beach!

The view from the top.

Peter stretching on the beach.

Poor Elizabeth!  She wouldn't cheer up for a family photo.

This was the first thing Nick did when he got to the beach!
Every time!  Funny, huh?

The boys had fun climbing on all of the rocks. 
Notice little Jacob off to the left.

Boys!  They love the adventure of it all.
Climbing on slippery, wave-splashed rocks.

Running from the waves.
See that little black spot behind them?
That is a sea otter!

Being silly.  Proof that we were here.

Liz warmed up and had some fun.

This is a hermit crab.  He wouldn't come out for a picture!
He had the most beautiful purple and green iradescent shell.
There were lots of anemones and barnacles tucked in the crevices of all the rocks.
While we were there, some guys were snorkling and catching lobsters, right off the shore!
Big lobsters, too!  I think those lobsters were dinner that night.

It was a good thing that Grandma made this blankie big!
Peter got good use out of it on this trip!

Laguna beach was a lot of fun!  It was definately not the best for swimming--but it was the best for exploring!

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  1. I've enjoyed "following you" on your trip! +JMJ+